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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jimbob commented on Sword of Vermillion:

I'm sorry Damo, but your console RPG knowledge must be seriously lacking. SOV was the greatest Genesis RPG of them all and that is why at the time it received 90%+ reviews from almost all sources. (I don't consider the Shining games or Landstalker to be RPG's by the way).

At the time of release the graphics were very good indeed and the soundtrack far more thoughtful than the crash, band, wallop of most others.

However,I can't blame you...I looked at another website for my sins and they gave the game 7.5. The visitors of the website however voted 9.5- and that was exactly how good it was in its day, about 95%.

Anyone who buys this game, remember not to look through rose tinted specs and to expect 64 bit graphics. The gemesis/megadrive simply wasn't what you remember. For those however who can remember this great game and this great console for what they were.....GET IT, IT'S GREAT!!!