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Shining in the Darkness (MD / Mega Drive)

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Dark Sol has vowed to reign over the enchanted Kingdom of Thornwood, and only you can stop him. Find the powerful Arms of Light and battle the deadly beasts that keep your people desperate and starving in this epic journey for peace. Roaming the dark Labyrinth, you'll seek out enemies and collect weapons, all of which will help you pass the test of the Ancients and become a shining knight.

Get into the adventure with a stunning 3-D perspective, amazing cinematic views and fast-paced scrolling. You'll move from battle to battle, solving puzzles and discovering secret items in this engrossing struggle between good and evil.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Dark Sol has vowed to reign over the enchanted Kingdom of Thornwood, and only you can stop him.

Anyone who has played the Atari ST classic Dungeon Master (or one of the many clones that appeared in its wake) will know full well that first person RPGs can be a hell of a lot of fun. Back when Sega first announced Shining in the Darkness (often called...

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DEMON212 said:

Point and click eh? I wonder if this will be one of the first games to use the Wiimote as a Wiimote. Because an analogue or a d-pad interface on these games suck!



Dahak said:

I doubt that you'll be able to use the Wii Remote as a pointing device for this game, as the Genesis didn't use a mouse or light gun for this title. If the SNES version of Eye of the Beholder ever sees VC release, I would think that would make use of it (the original used the SNES mouse).



Kelvin said:

I think that is the dwarf from Golden Axe, actually. Gilius Thunderhead (for that is his name) became something of a minor Sega mascot, making cameo appearances in a few games, including this and Alien Storm.

I'm not a huge fan of this game, as this type of dungeon crawler has been done better on Sega systems with the original Phantasy Star (and it's a crime that we haven't seen that on VC yet), and on multiple platforms with the Eye of the Beholder series. It's good, but there are better games of this type.



DEMON212 said:

I forgot he was in Alien Storm as well. That's a shame about the lack of Wii pointing. But you never know, they may edit it.

They never do though. Lylat is screaming for a new control set up. Holding fire and boosting is a nightmare to do. I'd rather have "B" as fire.



TheNintendoBoy said:

It would be cool to see an update with wii-mote support, as controlling this game with a joypad is very tedious.



Kelvin said:

If they add Wiimote-pointing to VC, that opens the hypothetical door for stuff like Monkey Island and Cannon Fodder, so I'm up for that.

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

Even if they dont have wiimote support i'd love to see those games anyway..!

GUYS listen:- If the vc games that were intended for the light gun, mouse, analouge etc supported the wiimote that would be a bonus - but not essential!

*especially* when playing the game how it was intended to be played. i.e

I played cannon fodder on amiga (with a mouse) but it never stopped me playing (and loving) the megadrive release. used with a D-pad..



DEMON212 said:


Sorry, sorry.

I reckon they will, because Duck Hunt will have to use the Wiimote.



Kelvin said:

I never played the console versions of Cannon Fodder, so I don't know how well they controlled, but it's hard to imagine without a mouse. Of course, I'd love to see Amiga support on VC, but I doubt we'll see it.



Drake said:

The SNES version of Cannon Fodder played fine without a mouse.



SKTTR said:

The SNES version of Cannon Fodder can be played fine with a mouse
Specifically with the SNES mouse that comes with Mario Paint.

And now that Shining in the Darkness is out, let the discussion begin.
This seems more like an advanced dungeon crawler. And I like those games.



michinmuri said:

This was a decent game. Typical RPG stuff. And I had Cannor Fodder on the Jaguar. I was way better than the SNES one, but both are still good.



flappo said:

this is the main reason i bought a wii

if it doesn't come out in the uk , i'm selling the thing



Bell said:

Yay Flappo! I'm with you! One of the reasons I bought the Wii was the VC... and hoping SitD would come out on it.



Wolf said:

who HASN'T been weened on J-RPGs lol? i remember owning this game but I don't remember much of it. It's definitely not for everybody though.

I just played it a little bit and it's a really enjoyable game. Having the enemies pop up "randomly" isn't really a problem in this game since it's a dark dungeon you can sort of see how they just appear. It's fun and the cartoony drawings really work well. Just look for a map online somewhere cuz there's no in-game map. That's a problem for me.



Patrick said:

Actually, you get a "vision" spell that allows you to access the in-game map, but having a map from Gamefaqs or someplace helps a bunch.

Excellent game, definitely holds up well on the Wii.



GFrag said:

I once bought this game on the cheap as an ex-rental, and back then, I... didn't really like it that much. I got lost BADLY in the "first trial" part of the dungeon (where you have to find some altar), and overall wrote it off as a terrible game.
It wasn't until recently that I found that dusty old cartridge again in an old moving box, plugged it in my Megadrive, and went on where I left off. With my additional built up skill over the years (particularly in mapmaking), it wasn't long until I finished the dungeon I was stuck at for so long, in a cinch. I continued playing, and right now I'm at the third "trial". I sorta stopped playing it again nowadays, but I do intend to finish it eventually. =P
I wouldn't reccomend this game to RPG newbies, and if you DO download it, it's VITAL to keep a few sheets of graph paper handy for mapping purposes (or look for 'em on the Internet, ya cheater. ;D )



virtybunny said:

Real nice dungeon crawler with nice graphics. I remember really enjoying it but I don't think I finished it. A bit too hard I guess.



Billytech said:

I played this on the original Sega Genesis, For the time I played it...I really enjoyed it. If you like the early days of RPG's, you'll like this alot.



Sharecrow said:

I really enjoyed this game back in the day. I don't think I'll be downloading it now, though, if only because I've already beat it many times. I never did play Arcana though...should probably check it out.



Corbs said:

I don't think it's nearly as good as Shining the Holy Ark. That's just my opinion though.

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