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This single-player or multi-player experience expands upon the gameplay of the two original Columns titles by giving players some extra attacks to spring on their opponents during gameplay. As in the original Columns, jewels fall into a bin and you have to twist and manipulate them to form matches of three or more in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line to keep the jewels from stacking up and reaching the top.

In Columns III, now you can get special magical jewels that can do things like raising your opponent's crush bar or lowering yours, adding an extra element of strategy to the game. This is a great game to play with friends, so download today and jump into the action!

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Oooh it's the revenge of Columns - I'm really scared!

Sega’s answer to Tetris is back once again. The first Columns has already been released on the Virtual Console and Sega never bothered to port the Columns II arcade game to the Megadrive/Genesis, so we swiftly move on to Columns III.While not terribly...

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deggs said:

to be honest, i loved the first one and the magic jewelry ripoff version. but the formula seemed perfected at that. i am a little curious though but not enough to buy. that said, the first one is amazing and is avaible in the sega genesis collection that most of us have already...



ChocoDK said:

Wow both games that came this week make up a total of 3 stars thats sad. And what weird box art for the game. But a puzzle game could've been fun if it was good but not worth the money.



Lwaad said:

I loved this game. It was a great multiplayer game back in the day. The competitive matchups were always good, and the music, sound effects, and colors always made me feel a little trippy.



President_Leever said:

"The once simple gameplay is complicated with the use of Magic jewels which can remove all colours from your well or raise your opponents crush bar. In addition to this there are also Magic jewels which cause disruption to your opponent when destroyed. It can flip their controls, disable their shuffling or turn their jewels black and white so matches are more difficult to perform."

These are all positives, seeing as the original game got extremely boring in just a short while and was little more than a Tetris ripoff. You guys need to try this out in it's full multiplayer glory, then write a new, enlightened review where you praise the game in interesting new ways. There's nothing wrong with gearing a game towards multiiplayer, especially not in a genre that was made for it.



marktheshark said:

I'm quite dissapointed with this review I must say, the reviewer probably hasn't even tried multiplayer yet.



Damo said:

President/Mark - The changes made to gameplay result in a less pleasing experience, in our opinion. Just like adding needless gameplay features to Tetris, complicating Columns strikes us as a bit pointless and the game loses some of its purity as a result.

And we tried the multplayer mode - to death.



LordJamak said:

Question: We have Columns and Columns 3... what happened to Columns 2. Just curious. Did it exist?



Dazza said:

Columns II was an arcade game only, it never saw a home conversion. It's full title is Columns II: The Voyage Through Time.



I had very fond memories of renting this. Unfortunately, I played it in an emulator when this came to VC and found out I just don't like it at all anymore.

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