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Phantasy Star (Wii Virtual Console / Master System)

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Originally released on the SEGA Master System, Phantasy Star is a pioneer in the role-playing game genre.

Alis is the fearless female protagonist out to avenge her brother’s death at the hands of cruel dictator King Lassic. Players must guide Alis and her troops through the sprawling environments of the Agol solar system in an attempt to defeat King Lassic and liberate the people of Agol. Engage in dynamic turn-based combat with dragons, ghouls, giants and magicians by using unique weapons such as glowing daggers, crossbows and magic spells

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Posted by Kelvin Green

The starting point for a venerable roleplaying legend

Pity the poor Master System. South America and Europe aside, it just could not compete with the unstoppable NES despite superior technology and some cracking games. Among those titles is what could be considered the machine's killer app - a huge game with...

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User Comments (23)



slangman said:

Now THIS is a Master System game I would love to try out. I might give this a go since I liked Phantasy Star IV.



VenomTheEvil said:

@ Slangman.

Try it out its more basic (duh) but its a very nice RPG.
Check out II and III also since there on VC as well :)



slangman said:

I might check out II after I buy this. Not sure about III. Although I hear this is the best in the series after IV. :)



HeikeKagero said:

This is my favorite SMS game. Slangman definitely try it out it's awesome. This is the 2nd best in the series



Kelvin said:

Abolutely superb game, and the Master System's top title, in my opinion. An essential purchase, to my eye, so I hope we get a release in Europe.



MrPinguy said:

hahaha great news guys
i hope this release brings also the better soundchip XD



7th_lutz said:

The game that was responsible for me to buy a Sms in 1999 and take look at other games for the system.

I got Phantasy Star 1 and a Sms system after I played the 3 Genesis Phantasy Star games.

Phantasy Star is an excellent 8 bit rpg. It is easy for a person to get lost in the game though.

I think it is one of the top 3 8bit game console rpgs ever based on what I played. Dragon Warrior 3 or 4 are the only 2 rpgs that came close.

It's in my top 5 list for Sms games that I've played and I own over 65 of them.




Yay! I wanted this game for some time. lets hope it hits the US soon. and if im lucky the first Breath of Fire will not be far behind.



bpf11 said:

Cool !!!!!! I was hoping it would come out. I have number 2, and I am getting 4.I hope it comes out in US !!!!



MegaMX4 said:

does happy dance of JOY

A++ game. I played this to death back in the day, and in fact am in the middle of finishing it again via emulation. Let's see a release soon!



Supermarioman said:

This is one of the rarest and most expensive SMS game. I actually know someone who stole a copy of it from a rental store when it first came out (It was pretty rare then), he's on Youtube. Its only on one collection as of now and you have to unlock it. Anybody who likes any other Phantasy Stars (NOT THE ONLINE ONES) should definitely pick this one up when it comes to the VC!



FantasiaWHT said:

Supermarioman, it is available (without unlocking) on a GBA game called Phantasy Star Collection (I, II, and III).

Here's a question - will America ever in any version see the Japanese remakes of 1-4? I remember working at EB Games back in the early 2000's and seeing it on the release lists for the longest time and then it just disappeared.



barkz said:

Oh man, I was so disappointed about the ps2 remakes never making it here. I remember reading that they remade the first two, but didn't know they did 3 and 4 as well. That's too awesome.

This is great news, really hope we get to see PS1 on the VC soon.



RadioShadow said:

This actually costs 600 points in Japan (which sucks as I'm stuck with 400 Wii Points which I can't buy anything with :(). Although it is fair as the US/EU version has no FM music in (unless it has been added).



Kelvin said:

No FM chip emulation as far as I can see, and it seems to be the original translation, too.



starcrunch061 said:


Yep. The Sonic Ultimate Collection is pretty much the reason I'll never download Sega games to my VC, as I got them all for a fraction of the cost.

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