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Star Fox Assault sees a return to the intense and exciting space battles which made the series world famous.

Star Fox Assault takes place several years after the team successfully averted disaster on Dinosaur planet. Players can choose to compete in head to head combat or in single player mode. In single player mode, Fox McCloud with the help of his colleagues must investigate a new threat to the galaxy where a sinister plot begins to unravel...

Fans of the series will remember the original Star Fox on the Super NES when the first game was launched to huge acclaim back in March 1993. Starwing was one of the first games ever to use three-dimensional graphics for its action-packed gameplay. The series began by following the adventures of the Star Fox team, a group of hot-shot space mercenaries, dedicated to eradicating the universe of evil - for the right price of course! Under the direction of General Pepper, the team fought their way across the Lylat System against the evil forces of Emperor Andross, who had enslaved the galaxy. Gameplay consisted solely of air-based missions, with the player piloting the now legendary Arwing starship.

In addition, Star Fox Assault can also let you settle old grudges with your mates! Up to four players can battle it out in a selection of specially designed arenas. After choosing a vehicle of choice, gamers engage in heated battles against the clock. The player with the most 'kills' when the timer runs out is declared the winner.

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

A bumpy ride for Team Star Fox

Star Fox has an active history on the GameCube, first appearing on the console in the form of Star Fox Adventures back in 2001. It took on a whole new direction and saw Fox McCloud out of the cockpit for the first time in an on-foot adventure across...

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Marvelousmoo said:

I hear so many bad things about this game. "It is no fun", "the gameplay sucks", etc.. But I thought it looked good, so i got it. I think it is really fun. I never really played the old star fox games (I only played star fox 64 for one sitting), so mabye that is why I like it. If you haven't played the old games and you think it looks fun, get it.



SmaMan said:

I'm with MarvelousMoo on this one. My brother and I still pick up and play this game a lot. I honestly don't know why this game's recieved so much negative buzz. I guess I'm one of the few in the SF:A Defence Group.



Knux said:

This game is good, but too short. The NL staff needs to review this game when they get the chance.



Terra said:

I might work on a review for this at some point, but there's a few other things on my list first.



Hokori said:

This is underated sure it's short, and the ground levels are flaky but the space levels are great.



jayo said:

I have Star Fox 64 and this game. I think this is a great game. Enjoyed the space levels, and I thought most of the ground level missions were great. The characters' voices are greatly improved compared to previous SF games. I do hope the 3DS's SF 64 remake will have this game's voice cast!

The game may seem a bit lacking compared to its N64 predecessor, but in light of Star Fox Adventures, you have to admit its great to see a more traditional Star Fox game!



spzero15 said:

I love this game. Not close to as good as the Snes Starfox or Starfox 64/3ds. But a great game still. The ground levels get a little boring. But the flying levels are top notch.

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