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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GCN / GameCube)

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The world's fastest hedgehog, "Sonic" is now available for Nintendo GameCube!!

The world famous blue hedgehog, Sonic the hedgehog! Sonic Adventure 2 has been dazzling Sonic fans with its high-speed smooth action and dynamic camera work. The long-awaited Nintendo GameCube version is now available celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sonic.

A spectacular Hero and Dark's double story unfolds on a global level!
In addition to the well-known Hero characters, such as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, the dark characters, such as Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Rouge, are all playable characters.

Enjoy the Dark side story of world conquest or the Hero side story to save the world.

The story takes place in more than 30 different action stages, including the city, jungle, desert, military facility, and outer space. There are more than 150 missions to play. Try to get a perfect score by getting all 180 Emblems!

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Posted by Mark Reece

Super Sonic or Super Chronic?

SEGA's attempt to have Sonic the Hedgehog transcend his 2D roots and venture into the realm of 3D didn't go nearly as smoothly as Nintendo's own Super Mario 64, despite Sonic Adventure being generally well received upon its release on the Dreamcast in...

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fatlittlenick said:

I played the crap out of this when I got a GC in Christmas 2002. Have it for Dreamcast now, but i probably preferred this version.



pikazard said:

this game is one of my all time favorite games! its really fun! chao make it to where you want to replay levels and there are 3 types of levels! 2 players super fun too!

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