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Sun 17th Apr 2011

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amh commented on Super Mario Sunshine:

My first mario game, i got it back when i was little, i didnt really get it then, actualy it tok me 2 years to pass it all! its still an amaizing, great and fun game.



amh commented on Review: WWE All Stars (Wii):

I am a huge wrestling fan, but ive only owned Wrestlemania x8, Day of Reckoning,and Day of Reckoning 2 for GCN,SVR 2009 for DS, and SVR 2011 for wii. I want to buy it ASAP!



amh commented on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

The only reason i think they would release it in summer( when kids are mostly on vacation or playing outside, as opposed to winter when kids are mostly getting games for chrstmas) is that nintendo feels confident about it. And thats a good sign.



amh commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns:

Cleared it in one week. Its a real awesome game. Although i think it shold have more challenging levels.



amh commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube):

I think it should be given a 10/10! As the first large budget game in the series( following the enormous success of the first smash bros. which was a low budget game) It has a large collection of trophies, a few alternate small stories in the adventure mode, and a larger compilation of event matches than the brawl. Not saying its better than brawl, brawl is the best! Its still an excellent game, as expected in the series.



amh commented on Donkey Kong Jungle Beat:

@Supermarioman: yes, you can use the regular gamecube controler. The C stick replaces the drum. The A button replaces the clap. I cleared the whole game by using only the gamecube controler.