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Animal Crossing (GCN / GameCube)

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Step into the world of Animal Crossing, where villagers live their everyday lives in time with an actual 24-hour clock.

To become a part of the thriving village community, you'll get a job, buy a house and interact with other villagers, some of which can be controlled by friends and family. As you collect furnishings for your own house, check out what other villagers have collected for their houses. Build relationships by talking to other villagers, helping them with tasks and writing letters back and forth. Throughout the game, you'll collect an assortment of items and artifacts and different plants and animals. To ensure it will be a desirable place for people to live, help to keep your village beautiful.


Visit the village often throughout the day, because different activities happen at different times; plus, special things sometimes happen on holidays.
Interact with others-up to four other players can move into the village and take turns playing in a shared village, cooperating and competing on one game pak.
Swap Memory Cards with friends who have the game and travel to their villages to interact with different characters there. In other villages, players find different assortments of items and build new relationships with different groups of villagers.
Pay off and improve your house by returning daily, adding floors and new furnishings; and watch how other human characters improve their houses, which adds a competitive element.
Experience the game's unique and engrossing sense of community as you join villagers in actual time.
Relive many classic NES games included in Animal Crossing, which players will discover, earn or get passwords for the games through Animal Crossing-e cards.
Check back regularly or the virtual residence will become overrun by weeds and cockroaches. And don't dare try to reset the game!
Connect to a Game Boy Advance using a NINTENDO GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance cable. Once connected, players can travel from the village to a remote island, and find exotic items.
Hook up the new e-Reader through your Game Boy Advance and swipe Animal Crossing-e cards to acquire game tips, special or rare items or even special messages from the characters living at Animal Crossing.
Experience the all-new N-Port feature. Download a classic NES game to your Game Boy Advance. Then disconnect and take the game with you!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Stuart Reddick

Nintendo's Animal Crossing, is a unique game. An RPG, without much of a story but so much more...

Animal Crossing is a unique game with no overall aim or any way to complete it. You start out on a train heading towards a village. You start talking to an animal who eventually puts you in contact with a friendly racoon who can sell you a house in your...

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Tyler_100 said:

This game blew me away! Loved playing with my brother and sister to compete in getting more items and friends. A game like no other!



Mr_64 said:

I really like Animal Crossing, but it's shame you can't pay one of the animals to look after the village for you whilst you are away. Go more than a couple of days without playing and it looks like a tip, which you end up feeling obliged to tidy up.

For a quick, relaxing game to play it's fantastic. Going fishing and fossil hunting is great fun!



Dodger said:

Might get this sometime to have the entire collection. Right now, I'm only missing this one and the 3DS version.

Still have to get a memory card and controller though. After that, Gamestop has a million copies of it.



Lobster said:

@Dodger I don't think it counts that you're "missing" the 3DS version, as it's, you know, not out yet?

Anyway, Animal Crossing is one of my all time favorite games. Glad I took a chance on it back in the day.



nmozdzier said:

Haha, I find it interesting that the screenshot/title background image features only the island, which is only available to some players.



Kurachi said:

i just bought this one, and i love it, i played it alot
its so much fun working and such, its good for a relaxing time in your life
i found 3 fossils so far, no idea what they do, but i found em

digging around when finding a place to dig and helping people
it prolly cant be played online anymore, but its good enough for me

i wouldnt play it everyday, or all day, but when i wanna relax

gosh, i love how nintendo made the wii being able to play GC games
this game kinda feels same as harvest moon, except AC has no time limit as far as i can see



e2d28r00 said:

This is quite honestly the best game in the series. I'm not really one for 'retro' games, but When I found out Wild World had a predecessor, I couldn't resist. This game has so many features left out in the other games, like being able to ask to to errands. In the others, the villagers randomly ask YOU for favors. Looking back, I thought Wild World was the better, but no tallying up how much has been left out, it is actually the worst. All in all, I love this game.



CrimsonLoftwing said:

This game is so relaxing. No matter how far technology advances and how stressful life can get, this game always soothes me. I've been playing Animal Crossing for seven years, and I've played all in the series, including the Japanese versions. This game is by far the best retro game ever. I'm quite excited to see how Animal Crossing 3DS is, but no matter what, Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube will always be my favorite title, for many purposes. <3



Epicgamergaby said:

I remember playing this game when I was 6.It was the funniest game ever and I loved it.Animal crossing new leaf is waaaayyyy different from this.But the memories are still with me.

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