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Gargoyle's Quest (GB / Game Boy)

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Gargoyle's Quest Brings Big-Screen Action to Game Boy!

You are Firebrand-gargoyle and proud guardian of the Ghoul Realm. The Destroyers have returned to wipe out your planet... and they take no prisoners!

Use your breath of fire and your flying ability to combat the enemy. Fight heroically, and you'll recover stolen magic items that will strengthen you for your many battles.

Game Features:

  • Detailed Graphics set new standard for Game Boy
  • Fascinating new epic adventure story!
  • For 1 player only

Can you help Firebrand save his planet in time?

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Kaes Delgrego

Firebrand is so hot right now

The Game Boy enjoyed one of the longest lifespans of any system to date, outlasting rivals and finding its way into the hearts of gamers the world over. Following a very basic logic, a system with a long lifespan will typically have a large amount of...

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User Comments (15)



pixelman said:

This looks interesting, kinda like a mix of Zelda II and Dragon Warrior. Looking forward to the review!



Omega said:

Like Ghosts'n'Goblins this game is very difficult. Even the first level is a pain.



Kurachi said:

i played this one at someone's house, but i had the NES version
the NES version was pretty cool, but i somehow (cant remember why) never played it much, so couldnt get through the 1st level

i would like to see it on VC (the NES version), so i can finally try it for real
who knows, it could happen

1 thing i liked most from that game was wall clinging, looked cool back then

EDIT: yup, the NES game is "Gargoyle's Quest II" thats the one i'd like to see on the VC



Kit said:

I remember this the first time around, it was one of my all time faves. Its got quite a high difficulty curve, which just makes it all the more appealing. I definitely recommend Gargoyles Quest. I'm gonna get it just so that I can play it again.



Geonjaha said:

I sampled this game jsut now and wow it is very hard. Cant tell how good the gameplay is because I cant get past level 1 :/



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm still waiting for Demon's Crest to come out on the Wii Virtual Console. Unfortunately, that will probably never happen.



Otty_Ott said:

I never got past level 1 either. Now, years later, I know I'll never get past level 1... I will pass.



retro_player_22 said:

@ WolfRamHeart Never say never. If Gargoyle's Quest's released on 3DS VC sell well then surely Capcom won't ignore the rest of the series on NES and SNES. This game being released on 3DS VC and Firebrand's addition in the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster had already made it clear that our gargoyle friend here isn't going to be ignore by Capcom anymore. Expect Demon's Crest to be VC bound somewhere in the near.



Link79 said:

@ retro_player_22
They better get Demon's crest on Wii VC someday.
We're running out of time with Wii and there's hardly any games left that we know are rated. I'm still hoping.



shinobi88 said:

When it comes to the realm of bits by the number 8, Capcom was the best there ever was. Rivaled only by the Big N



Steviis_Father said:

This is an incredible game! I just finished it this year, with my original cart, and it's an awesomely satisfying adventure. It's a lot like Bionic Commando, Blaster Master & Metroid in the sense that you feel incredibly weak and stunted at the beginning, but stick with it; as you progress the game opens up with it's RPG elements & great platforming bits, too. Mastering the "delayed flutter" & ways to extend your jump really helps make you feel like a master by the end of the game. Plus you stick it to Lucifer, which is cool, too.



grumblebuzzz said:

I bought this because of the high score it got here and on several other gamer forums, but I really don't like it at all. I was under the impression that it was a platformer with RPG elements, since that what all the reviews lead me to believe but no, it's a straight up RPG. Not my thing. I will be viewing videos as well as looking at reviews next time I think about buying something that is an "action RPG". I found the action sequences to be repetitive and boring; obviously action was not the foremost concept Capcom had when creating this game. Seems more like an afterthought.



Groovius said:

Great graphics, great soundtrack, tight gameplay. This game is ruthless, and I'll admit it took me an hour to clear the first stage on my initial playthrough. If it wasn't for the Restore Point feature, I'd probably never have beaten the game. There, I said it. But it's all on the player to improve; you are going to get wrecked repeatedly until you master the controls. After that, it's still challenging, but you'll feel like a .



GameAddict said:

Ah, nostalgia. This was one of my first games for the GB, I remember playing this for hours on end as a little kid and yeah the difficulty was pretty unforgiving, but it made you feel awesome every time you beat the game.
Too bad I don't own a 3DS (yet!) otherwise I would have downloaded this baby right away to be able to relive a part of my childhood.



Joygame51 said:

Just got this .... Boy, have I forgotten how much fun this was back in the day!!!
I almost wish I had never traded this one away years ago.

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