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Avenging Spirit (GB / Game Boy)

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You dirty rat!

You have been deep sixed by gangsters and turned into a ghost. To make matters worse, the mob has kidnapped your moll and for ransom, they want the secret of ghost energy.

To rescue her and get even with the mob, you must inhabit any one of 20 different creatures and search for your girlfriend on 6 dangerous levels.

So grab a body, any body, make a beeline to the big rescue, and rescue your doll face.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Like Kirby... if Kirby were SERIOUSLY TERRIFYING

It's a story as old as time itself: boy meets girl, boy takes girl out for a walk, boy is murdered by mobsters who kidnap girl, boy possesses vampires and kangaroos to get her back.Jaleco not only provides us with a bizarre and attention-grabbing...

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thepotatoman said:

This looks like it might be one of those hidden gems that make the VC so great. It also looks like it might be trash. Can't wait for the review.



littlebigplanet said:

I downloaded it a few hours ago. I'm pretty far, and its a very good game. But I have played the arcade version, and this is a bit inferior.
But if you only had a few bucks,
I'd reccomend Mario Picross or 3D Xevious.
I personnaly give it a 7. The only things I dont like are: lack of difficulty, music (it bugs me for some reason) and a bit of repetition.



littlebigplanet said:

@sam322 radar mission is a black and white battleship essentialy. I say, If you already have Donkey Kong or Picross, dont get anything. Just wait. All the AAA titles are coming. Those $3 should be put on Metroid II or Pokemon Yellow.



littlebigplanet said:

Then definantly Donkey Kong. It's even better than the NES one. To put it simply: you pay $4 for 100 level with infinite replay value. I've already played all the levels a few times. But if you prefer a sudoku-esque puzzle game, go with Picross.



grumblegrumble said:

I downloaded this and think it's quite charming and innovative This is much better than Radar Mission, imho. Pick it up if you want a dose of retro goodness



Enya said:

Think whatever you want about what I'm going to say, but the guy on the cover is my dad! XD He posed for it in a studio here in Chicago and it took a few hours! They said he had the look they needed! I just found this out today so I googled the name and I think it's really cool XD His name's Joe.



Groovius said:

I think I must be the only person who doesn't think this is some kind of "hidden gem." Actually, I think it kinda sucks. Repetitive gameplay, shoddy controls, and bland graphics do not a good game make, The possession concept is way ahead of its time- props for that- but the execution leaves something to be desired. Best parts of the game: the "Game Over" screen with the weeping cartoon ghost, and the enemy descriptions in the manual. e.g., "Vampire: Revived by the syndicate from the dark embrace of the crypt after 400 years of slumber..." LOL



Marioman64 said:

that is the most mis-leading box-art I have ever seen. I though this was some random shooter game for a gameboy when i saw it on the e-shop, so I skipped over it. I come back to poke at it now on NL and see a cute ghost. lolwut?

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