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The immensely popular and world famous card game has been recreated for Nintendo DSi meaning hours of fun for all.

With a multiplayer mode that can be accessed by DS Wireless Play or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, playing UNO™ with friends has never been so fun and easy.

Customise the game with your own house rules and penalties, throw down Action Cards like Skip and Reverse in furiously thrilling games!

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Posted by James Newton

Gameloft deals DSiWare a decent hand

This DSiWare release of UNO marks the card game's second appearance on Nintendo platforms within a few weeks, but does it hold up better in pocket format than its recent WiiWare release?As you'd expect, your cards appear on the bottom screen with the top...

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DSiWare said:

Wikipedia sais: 17 August. But no idea when it should come in Europe...



autam1 said:

Yeah they should launch it to Europe it'll be cool DS download feature should be enable with DS and DSi it'll be cool....!!!



jncorp said:

Glad to see it's finally on the EU list. Hopefully it'l be on the NA list soon.



TheKingOfTown said:

UNO was already released on xbox live arcade a while ago. I've also heard that this might come out for wiiware.



colmtheperson said:

I wonder will they allow you to play the dsiware game against somebody who has the Wiiware version? Like Square-Enix did with Echoes of time!



saitho95 said:

If it doesn't come out today in Europe it won't come out in October, because this is the last Friday in October ^^ xD



KanrakusPizza said:

I heard that this game will be only 500 points, and there will be WIFI. I think its gonna use the mic, like when you only have 1 more card and you have to call UNO.



angel_hm said:

OMG¡¡ uno i love uno but where come from america? and what its your cost on wii points i know its 500 points but im not sure



jhuhn said:

Hopefully, Nintendo of America will release UNO for both WiiWare & DSiWare on the same day.



KiroX777 said:

WHEN IS IT COMMING TO TH US!!!!!!!! TH ONLY REASON I STILL HAVE 700 POINTS IS BECAUSE IM WAITIN ON UNOOOOOO. damn atleast announce a date for us so i kno if its ok to spend my points



jhuhn said:

Guess I was wrong. We got the UNO on DSiWare on December 21, 2009 but not the WiiWare on the same day. What's worse is that the price on the game in North America is 800 points.



KiroX777 said:

ok this is BS. I couldnt wait and last week i went and bought castle of magic, and army defender. and now i got 0 points. so now i check today and what is up there? uno... WTF mad gay. but then when i checked i noticed it was 800 points, how unfair! >: I im boycotting this game.



angel_hm said:

I HATE YOU NINTENDO and i HATE YOU GAMELOFT i have the 500 points for the game but 800 points I think it's not worth it stupid videogames $#"&$#/ sorry for that but MAD companies



Xkhaoz said:

Why is this 800 points? This is total crap. Yeah, EU gets it for only 500, but over here, we have to pay 800?!?!?!?! They better lower the price, or there better be new features in it.



naderot said:

ENDO and i HATE YOU GAMELOFT i have the 500 points for the game but 800 points I think it's not worth it stupid videogames $#"&



alexa201 said:

I bought it and I am addicted was only 500 for me, in Australia. But everytime I try to play via Wi-Fi I can't find anyone to play against.



alexa201 said:

ALSO when you think about it, here in Australia is cost me $15 for 1000 points, so you could say that the game cost me $7.50 which I this is absolutely worth it!

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