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Mon 6th Oct 2008

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jncorp commented on UNO:

Glad to see it's finally on the EU list. Hopefully it'l be on the NA list soon.



jncorp commented on 100 Classic Book Collection:

I really hope that this is released in North America. That or the compact DSiWare version of the title '20 Classic Book Collection.' I've thought for a while that the DS is perfect for books as you can hold it like a small book and 'flip' the page with a flick of your finger on the touch screen. Great idea for a game and I sincerely hope that NOA brings this title to our shores.



jncorp commented on Modern Games Get a NES Makeover:

That is quite awesome. I think they would make awesome tshirts as well. Maybe this can serve as inspiration for Nintendo and others to make 8bit sequels to some of their franchises, as Capcom did with MegaMan.



jncorp commented on Art Style: Cubello:

This game is fun to play, and the 'digitized computer' sounding voice is a nice touch. Definitely a challenging and addictive puzzler.