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Snakenoid is an unique blend of the Snake and Arkanoid game concepts.

Using the stylus the player controls a snake on the lower screen and tries to use it to bounce the ball destroying boulders on the upper screen. In each level the boulders are organized in a different shape.

At the same time the snake has to avoid enemies and may collect bonuses, falling out of the destroyed boulders. The aim of the game is to finish all the levels with the most points.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Combining two classics into one disaster

Cinemax's last DSiWare game wasn't too hot, so we didn't exactly have high hopes for their second effort. It looks like our assumptions were correct, because although it borrows heavily from classics Arkanoid and Snake, it just doesn't work.How does one...

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Just saw the youtube trailer. It follows the same concept as the "nervous brickdown, archanoid-style gameplay" elements. I'm in



3230ru said:

looks pretty cheap, but arkanoid is always fun though. especially with caviar )



Phobos said:

Hmmm... looks good, I must say...will I download it? Good chance I will. ;)

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