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Rytmik is an application for creating rhythmical and melodic themes and for composing whole songs.

Its user interface blends the fast and well-arranged interface of classic drum machines with flexible pattern interface of popular trackers and with modern sound library. It contains more than 170 carefully selected sound samples of drums, cymbals, percussions and bass and melodic instruments.

With Rytmik you can quickly and easily create the basic building stone – an audio clip. It consists of musical notations for up to four instruments that you may transpose, select their location in the stereo field, and modify their volume, polyphony and echo. You may arbitrarily combine up to 128 such clips in four tracks and create complex pieces of music. Moreover you have a rhythm library and varied collection of 16 pre-made compositions at your disposal that you may quickly compose your own pieces from.

Rytmik is not only for playing with sounds; in the hands of a skilful musician it can become a serious musical instrument – surprisingly powerful pocket music station. For the best musical experience we recommend connecting headphones or quality speaker system. You’ll become the king of the Friday party in no time…

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Posted by James Newton

Music to your ears

It's tough to know how to approach Rytmik: it has no game elements whatsoever, only existing to allow you to create beautiful (and sometimes not-so beautiful) music. Although its complexity is initially off-putting, spend some time with it and you'll...

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User Comments (38)



Eb42 said:

Release Date (Europe): Friday, 07 May 2010
Release Date (USA/Japan): TBA
Platform: DSiWare
Price: 800 Nintendo DSi Points



jangonov said:

I wish this would come to America next week. I want this program so badly



IanUniacke said:

Got this on Friday. This app works really great. I wish I had more skills with this type of music production but hopefully that's what I'll build up over time. I have found the app extremely easy to understand, a difficult task considering the confusingness of many similar apps in the past.



Kimiko said:

@CinemaxGames - You make it look so easy How do you decide where to place the various drum sounds and bass/lead notes? I don't understand how to pick the right spots to make it sound like a melody instead of random junk.



Martin_Linda said:

well, obviously, you have to learn it... I understand that for someone who does know nothing about music creation it could be a bit frustrating at the beginning, but on the other hand, you have whole adventure of discovering how music works and I think it is a great adventure... And if you don't want to start from scratch, you can freely load one of complete songs included in Rytmik library and explore its clips to get some idea how to achieve some melody or rhythm. But you can feel free and try to make some random junk, than make another random junk, decide which way sounds better to you and continue that direction...



HolyMackerel said:

North America release ASAP please! This looks like such an easy and intuitive app. I'd love to do some electronic composition on my DSi. Please come out soon!



SuperCar said:

OMG!!!! I want this game so bad!!!! It was relesed in May 7th so I'm guessing it will be out in North America by maybe June or July!!! When it comes out, i'm totally gonna get it!!!!



cheapogamer4life said:

I cant decide which game I wpuld like to be release in the DSiware shop first, This, Shantae, or Blazy Bloo. Thankfully Ninty d0es that for me.



GammaGames said:

> CinemaxGames, no US relese date? i jsut bought a points card and i have 800 points specially saved for Rytmik!!!



breegullblaster said:

i just saw that citibank offers the "korg ds-10 plus" game card in there rewards program & i have more than enough points to order it, so can anyone tell me if "rytmic" is better & worth waiting for? i assume the korg one is better but you never know & it is bit older than the dsi ware.



GammaGames said:

just get both, i dont have Korg, but people that have it say its relly fun, im not sure how Rytmik stand up to Korg though...



breegullblaster said:

just want to say i got the korg ds-10 plus, which is a newer version of the korg ds-10 enhanced for dsi for freeeeeeeeeee through citibank rewards. not trying to convince anyone to not buy rytmik but i think the korg ds-10 plus is excellent. so if you happen to bank with citibank i recommend you check it out. it arrived at my doorstep 2 days after i ordered it as well.



GammaGames said:

I'm posting my idea here, in case cinemax doesnt read the release page thing. here it is the rock and roll version should be like 200-500 points, and should be an add on of the original! like games that you buy expansion packs for! didnt pop island do that recently, where you could buy more maps and animals on the dsiware shop for 200 points?



HolyMackerel said:

@GammaGames I think I'd like an 800 point release which is another 128 blocks for maximum sample variety, but can access the data from the original Rytmik so we can make rock/electronic fusion tracks. Oh yeah!



GammaGames said:

then id have to delete a bunch more stuff! or, just release both! a stand alone, and and add on for more options!

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