Metal Torrent (DSiWare)

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Prepare yourself for one of the most intense shoot ‘em ups to hit Nintendo DSiWare. Your mission is simple: get the highest score possible, across eight phases of fierce vertical-scrolling action.

Choose from two powerful craft: Red Orion and Blue Nova, tailored for novice or experienced players. Both ships have standard blasters for unlimited fire, as well as special weapons unique to each craft. Special weapons drain your energy gauge, though, so think before you fire!

Collect cubes dropped by destroyed enemies to refill your energy gauge and increase your score. Skilled pilots can boost their scores even further by collecting chains of consecutive cubes without missing any.

Once you've blasted your way to a score you're proud of, you can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to upload it to the online leaderboards and compare it with players across the world. You can also view replays of top-ranking players’ games and learn from the best!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Bullet hell with training wheels

Most gamers are familiar with "bullet hell" shooters: shoot-'em-ups with so many enemy projectiles that over half the screen is covered in them at most times. Despite this, however, many Western gamers haven't actually played any (as a lot of...

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Birdman said:

Hmm, the dudes behind the newest Dr. Mario games and the Endless Ocean series do a shooter. Could this be Aa Mujou Setsuna, which was released about 5 months ago in Japan as a bullet hell shooter? I'll keep an eye out for this one, along with Arika's sanity.



IAmNotWill said:

Here is the english trailer. This looks awesome.



KeeperBvK said:

This was pretty much the only reason I was considering buying a Japanese DSi LL, so luckily now I won't have to anymore. :D



3230ru said:

OMG!!! Yeah! Huge thanks to NoE for this one!!!!! Now I am happy and know for sure what for I bought my DSi XL )))
quotation from 29 of April by me myself)) "....or Gods of East and West, make N release Metal Torrent in UK/EU for gods sake.... and make me believe in DSiWare again!!!"))) and this just works. So anyone who wants N to release something just give it try here at NL)



IanUniacke said:

I have been playing this game over the weekend and it is fantastic. At first you may be disappointed as I was but that was just because I misunderstood the game. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but lets just say they break the mold a little with this one. Also the online leader boards really make this game fantastic.



tovare said:

@LOLOLOLOL, It's quite fun. I've played it 87 times and the Total Play Time says 6:27. IMHO it was worth the 500 points. I got a bit bored with the Easy mode because score-optimalization just isn't my favorite thing , but the manic mode on random is great and it felt like an achievement when I got to level 8 in manic/random once...unfortunately I got wiped out by the end of level boss (I'm still in the top 10 in my region last time I checked). It's short and sweet, it won't last for months.



3230ru said:

no plot, no cool bosses, you have just 8 short levels/waves (they look very similar) in each EASY and MANIAC modes(actually trailer shows everything the game can offer :-) ). also developers tried to bring something new in damage and power-up scheme, just some elements. but in general this is just cool bullet hell shooter which plays a lot like Cave shooters (actually because they took a lot from Ketsui I think) Though it is short and quick to play, very good for beginners in Easy mode, but also can offer something for the hardcore shmup gamers as well. And I must admit that the music in this game is pretty good at my opinion. So this game is descent shoot-em-up. For me this one is actually on the 2d place after Ketsui Death Label in the DS poor shmup list. So if you like bullet hell shooters and if you even a beginner in such games this title is a must have!



winter123 said:

just looks too hectic. you just hold shoot button and shoot everything that moves, meanwhile a crazy changing/rotating background? I'll pass



Iggy said:

im looking forward to this game its been awhile sense ive played shmups

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