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Welcome to “Hello Flowerz”, the gardening game where you have fun with flowers.

In “Hello Flowerz” you can sow your favourite flowers and look after them every day helping them grow into healthy, beautiful flowers.

Use your flowers to create wonderful bouquets and enter them in competitions that are run regularly.

Landscape your own gardens, transplant flowers and arrange various items.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hello averageness

There's a surprising lack of games on DSiWare that pretty much require you to play every day. Hello Flowerz seems to be the first, in fact. It does pretty much everything you'd expect from a flower-growing game: you have to take care of flowers by...

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IanUniacke said:

Even for the type of game this is, this game is incredibly shallow. You can play the game for 10 minutes and experience everything you will ever experience in the game. The rest of the gameplay seems to hinge around repetition and unlocking different colors of the same flowers through more repetition. I would highly recommend that anyone over the age of 5 avoid this game, even if you feel you "might" enjoy it like I thought before I bought it.



Morpheel said:

huh i downloaded it for the lulz (notice z) andi ended up liking it!

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