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Keep the skies safe on your Nintendo DSi with the insanely addictive Nintendo DSiWare download Flight Control!

In this action-packed game, you will take on the role of an air traffic controller at an increasingly busy airport. In complete control of the airspace, you must direct aircraft to their appropriate landing zones while avoiding collisions. You’ll travel to airports set among green fields, a beachside resort, the Australian Outback, a winter wonderland and even an aircraft carrier. Learn how to land ten different kinds of aircraft, including jets, seaplanes and helicopters.

To direct aircraft, simply touch and drag them to their landing zones with the stylus without letting them collide. Sounds easy? As planes begin to arrive thick and fast, you’ll need smart strategy, keen eyes and a smooth touch to keep the chaos under control! You can even work alongside a friend in cooperative multiplayer mode, and guard the airways together.

Thanks to an in-game tutorial, Flight Control only takes a minute to learn – just don’t expect to put it down as quickly as you’ll pick it up!

  • Innovative gameplay perfect for the Nintendo DSi Touch Screen and stylus – guide ten types of aircraft safely to the runway
  • Only takes a minute to learn – just touch the aircraft with your stylus and draw a path to its landing zone
  • Play cooperative multiplayer with a friend with another Nintendo DSi – share landing duties by guiding aircraft into the other player’s airspace

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Posted by James Newton

Up in the air

Already available on the iPhone, Flight Control puts you in one of the world’s most stressful jobs: air traffic controller. Charged with landing all flights safely, you have to plot a path for each incoming aircraft towards its designated landing zone,...

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User Comments (16)



jackdsi said:

Yes. They have been leaving multi-player out of a lot of DSiWare games.
Since there won't be updates for it every so often like the iPhone version, you're going to be stuck with what you get. That makes me wonder what airfields it will come with......



Macaronius said:

have you noticed how dsiware is getting all of these games from the iphones app store? this will hopefully lead to more free apps



RonF said:

This game is a curse. I downloaded it in my iPhone and I barely have time to do anything else.



Joshhudsy said:

Wooo sounds amazing iphone version is amazing, it comes out in the UK on the 19/02/10... can't wait



3230ru said:

just bought it. its very cool and challenging. the game is based on a cool simple idea with very well done presentation. brilliant! controls are good.( I actually wonder how people play this on iphone without stylus.) So I just wish Firemint Good Luck with this one!



AdamLikesYou said:

I have this for iPhone and played it for about 10 minutes before it's appeal completely ran out. I think I paid $1 and that was a bit steep. $5 for this is a total rip off... you can find better flash games on the internet for free.

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