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Fri 15th Jan 2010

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benraskull commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

Please let nintendo announce that the otter one is a joke! Its so UGLY! The other two are pretty good though, and the grass one looks nothing like treeko to me. I don't get all the hate for the fire and the grass, but the water one looks bad. Well the water pokemon have always been the worst looking starters IMO



benraskull commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. (DS):

ummmmm.... did they release 2 versions of this game, because the screenshots of this game look slightly different from mine (like the blocks and the image with mario and luigi on a rope, i don't remember it)



benraskull commented on Bloons:

I hope they don't screw this up as badly as they screwed it up on the wii.