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Soar through the sky, from the comfort of your sofa, with the innovative gliding game Face Pilot!

Face Pilot not only puts your face into the game with the Nintendo DSi camera, it also tracks your head's movements giving you complete control of your glider. Simply tilt your head sideways to steer left and right, back to climb, and forwards to dive.

There are three different types of gameplay: burst all the balloons to reach the goal, throw balls at targets for a high score, and try for a fast time in the high speed challenge. Also, look out for hidden medals which help unlock new courses and even new gliders!

Face Pilot is a truly unique game that wouldn't be possible without Nintendo DSi. The only thing missing is the wind in your hair!

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Posted by James Newton

Soar spot

The 3DS will introduce a motion sensor to the machine's line-up of inputs, but the humble DSi has already been home to a few motion-detecting titles, with Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera! the latest – and longest-named – of the...

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Homer_Simpson said:

It's actually very decent. The handheld play works a lot better than the table top play, and while it's not perfect, under the right conditions it does a very good job. There's also a nice sense of progression, with a very Mario 64 esque way of doing things (a few different objectives for each level, completing enough unlocks another level). Overall, better than I thought.
Also I'm pretty sure the Island level is a very basic
representation of Wuhu island, which I think is awesome.



cheapogamer4life said:

Screenshots look nice enough, but I wondering if this title is worth 500 np's. So they couldnt come up with a better subtitle then that? Strange, imho.



Homer_Simpson said:

There's a lot of content, so I'd say if you like the game it's definitely worth it. And it's certainly a very enjoyable game when played under the right conditions, which thankfully seem to be easier to find than other DSi camera games.



Zach said:

Thanks adamical, I've corrected the errors - if you spot any more, feel free to use the Contact page. :)



redro17 said:

mmmhhhh.... i thought this would be a boring game but now since i read this, I'm going to buy it (when i get another dsi points card) :)

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