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Divergent Shift is a 2D puzzle platformer developed in which players must use the two screens in tandem to successfully navigate across. It follows the adventure of a girl who must find the pieces of a powerful mirror to bring back together a world that has been split.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Deterrent or gift?

We've already seen Chronos Twins present the dual-screen platforming experience on DSiWare, but Intrinsic Games now looks to put a slightly different spin on the idea. While their title's mechanics are similar in some ways, Divergent Shift tends to put a...

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KeeperBvK said:

Was playing it at GamesCom and I can assure you that this is going to be a pretty good game. Finally...Konami doesn't necessarily suck.



infoterror said:

hummmm... well sounds cool and im reading on my dsi browser so it must be good lol. (but defanatly 800 points).



pkmnguy said:

I think it's better than chronos twins bcuz it doesnt have all that fighting in it. its more of a puzzle game



BEECEE said:

Holy cow. This looks great. Don't know what an MFC is so I simply won't get upset about that .....



kirbygirl said:

That's Mighty Flip Champs (MFC). It's another great puzzle platformer you should check out some time, especially if you enjoy this one.

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