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Divergent Shift is a 2D puzzle platformer developed in which players must use the two screens in tandem to successfully navigate across. It follows the adventure of a girl who must find the pieces of a powerful mirror to bring back together a world that has been split.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Deterrent or gift?

We've already seen Chronos Twins present the dual-screen platforming experience on DSiWare, but Intrinsic Games now looks to put a slightly different spin on the idea. While their title's mechanics are similar in some ways, Divergent Shift tends to put a...

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17th December 2010 (Europe)

Lots and lots of catchup titles

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News: Reflection Flips Name to Divergent Shift Before Release on Monday

Reflection Flips Name to Divergent Shift Before Release on Monday

Konami's next DSiWare game inbound

It's been a long time since we've heard anything of Reflection, and from now on we won't hear another thing about it, as its name has changed to Divergent Shift ahead of its DSiWare debut on Monday. Developer Intrinsic Games broke the news on its official Twitter account, though there's no word yet on pricing or a release across the pond in Europe. Described as a..

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KeeperBvK said:

Was playing it at GamesCom and I can assure you that this is going to be a pretty good game. Finally...Konami doesn't necessarily suck.



infoterror said:

hummmm... well sounds cool and im reading on my dsi browser so it must be good lol. (but defanatly 800 points).



pkmnguy said:

I think it's better than chronos twins bcuz it doesnt have all that fighting in it. its more of a puzzle game



BEECEE said:

Holy cow. This looks great. Don't know what an MFC is so I simply won't get upset about that .....



kirbygirl said:

That's Mighty Flip Champs (MFC). It's another great puzzle platformer you should check out some time, especially if you enjoy this one.

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