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Fri 6th Nov 2009

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kirbygirl commented on New Safari Event Now Live In Pokémon Shuffle:

Btw, the combos on some of these Safari levels are insane. With some of them and a lucky panel, you can stack up enough to win in one play. I racked up a 133 combo this morning, which was fun to watch.



kirbygirl commented on New Safari Event Now Live In Pokémon Shuffle:


I've played 10 rounds so far, and I've caught four different Pokemon (Spinda, Cherrim, Carvanha, Cherubi). No power ups needed, but I did have to spring for Super Pokeballs to capture two of the four. According to the list that was linked by Stuffgamer1 above, there are five different Pokemon available in Safari right now, but I haven't encountered Sharpedo yet.



kirbygirl commented on Accessory Review: Mugen Power's New Nintendo 3...:

@ROBLOGNICK The problem with those generic battery extenders, from my perspective, is that they're way too awkward to carry around with a handheld. I've used the Mugen batteries for the standard 3DS, 3DS XL, and now for the New 3DS XL, and I'm really happy with them. I've found them to be very high quality (worth the price), and though they add a bit of bulk/weight, they also make the systems more ergonomic to hold. I really appreciate the convenience of just having to charge my systems once a week or so, rather than every day.



kirbygirl commented on Limited Time Lucarionite Competition Opens On ...:

@ Vexslasher
Thanks for the explanation. That kind of sucks. That said, I've achieved an S rating in all of the 150 standard levels, unlocked and beat all 20 expert levels, beat all of the limited-time foes (special levels), and captured all of the Pokemon released so far (160, not counting the Rotom variants), and I wasn't even aware of this QR code thing, so I still think it's possible to place in the top 20,000 without having cheated. I did have to buy a couple of gem packs to get through the expert levels more quickly, but most of the progress in this game can be made by just checking in regularly.



kirbygirl commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:


Could you please tell us if it possible to turn the auto-brightness off? That's a "feature" that I would prefer to not use, and none of the reviews I've read have mentioned this yet. Thanks in advance--and thanks for sharing all of your impressions as well! I'll likely grab a New XL too once a limited edition model that I can't resist is released here in NA, but I now think I'll start with the standard New model.



kirbygirl commented on Video: See How Mugen's "20 Hour" 3DS XL Batter...:

I use Mugen batteries on one of my 3DS systems and one of my XLs, and I'm really happy with them. They are the ones I primarily use, and you can't beat the battery life. It was worth the cost for me, just so I don't have to constantly worry about low batteries, especially when traveling or out and about gathering SP tags.



kirbygirl commented on Feature: The Ten Best 3DS Games For Your Kids ...:

Nice list, and most of those are games my (just-turned) 7-year-old son loves. Here are a few others he enjoys, for those who might be looking for more ideas of kid-friendly 2DS/3DS games:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Mario Party Island Tour
Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move
Skylanders series

My son has had his Aqua Blue 3DS since launch (3.5 years ago), and with Nerf Armor, screen protectors, and a stylus leash, it's stayed in great shape. I should also mention that he loves playing a bunch of the Ambassador and Virtual Console games, though some of those are more difficult for him. Still, as a mom who grew up on the NES and original Game Boy, I love seeing him enjoy the first Super Mario Bros., Kirby's Adventure, Excitebike, Super Mario Land, etc. Much nostalgia.



kirbygirl commented on New Taiko Drum Master Game Revealed for 3DS:


For me, the more recent entries in the Taiko series on the DS and 3DS are different enough to justify importing them. Their story modes are pretty distinct.

I loved Little Dragon & the Mysterious Orb, and I'm looking forward to trying Don and Katsu's Space-Time Big Adventure soon. These two games alone have made importing a Japanese 3DS worth it for me.



kirbygirl commented on Developer Interview: Island Officials on Kicks...:

This seems like it will be a lot of fun for puzzle fans, their KS goals are very modest, and the rewards for backers are pretty cool. I hope they reach their goal.

As for the argument about DSiWare vs. 3DSWare, making it as DSiWare just gives them a larger audience, so it makes sense. Even if your 3DS system memory is already full (as mine is), it's quick and easy to swap out DSiWare titles between the SD card and system memory.



kirbygirl commented on Review: Giana Sisters DS (DS):

This game is also available for iPhone/iPad, for those who are still looking for it. Definitely worth a download. That said, I prefer traditional controls as opposed to the touch screen alternatives, especially for platformers like this, so if they do release a retail DS version in North America, I'll definitely buy it. I haven't seen any info about an NA release--but I also noticed the review in Nintendo Power, so that seems like a hopeful sign.



kirbygirl commented on Divergent Shift:

That's Mighty Flip Champs (MFC). It's another great puzzle platformer you should check out some time, especially if you enjoy this one.



kirbygirl commented on Review: Hints Hunter (DSiWare):

A good review--love the title too. So far, I'm enjoying the game at times, but I really wish there were a real hint function. Right now, I am stuck on level 4-10 (Sum), and several others that I know are stuck there too. Zkaplan &/or ErrorSupply, can you offer any helpful hints on this one?



kirbygirl commented on Review: Disney Fireworks (DSiWare):

I played a bit of this today and I actually liked it (though perhaps partly because my 3-year-old son was sitting right next to me and LOVED watching the fireworks show). It's very simple and probably good only for short pick-up-and-play sessions)--otherwise, it would likely get repetitive. But it's also very pretty and kind of relaxing.