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Shinobi is the long anticipated return of SEGA's fan-favorite series, bringing to Nintendo 3DS the classic side-scrolling action gameplay players have loved since the original.

Shinobi tells the story of Jiro Musashi, the leader of the Oboro clan and father of Joe Musashi, the hero of the first iterations of Shinobi. Players will become a true ninja legend by mastering a brand new combo system switching between melee, ranged and acrobatic attacks. They will also need to rely on Jiro’s ninja magic to get an advantage over their enemies and get out of tight spots.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Shinobi returns for another slice of revenge

Given the current trend of rebooting classic video game franchises it seems long overdue that SEGA should reinvent fan-favourite Shinobi, for both veteran ninja warriors and younger ninjitsu newcomers to enjoy. Entrusted with this great responsibility is...

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User Comments (9)



pixelman said:

This looks really cool. I've never played a Shinobi game, but Griptonite knows their stuff — I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one. :3



MDee14 said:

well they have a lot of time to fix how this game looks. Right now..i'm not too happy with how it looks. Maybe they should aim for a cel-shaded look



hYdeks said:

yayI hope they do alot of work on those graphics cause there not very impressive at all :S And I have played a Shinobi game



michiganurse said:

This shows my age but I remember playing this game for hours on the sega master system. well, the original anyway,



DonkeyPuncher27 said:

I've played so many of these shinobi games, but this one looks superbly awesome. Can't wait to check it out!



SqueedilyPlays said:

Picked this up at Wal-Mart for about 5 bucks. Worth it. Interesting game, the 3D is actually utilized really well in this title. The game is unforgivingly difficult though, which I kind of like, if you screw up it's your fault and not the game.

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