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Thu 15th Sep 2011

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michiganurse commented on Feature: The Life and Times of SEGA's Game Gear:

I was a die hard sega fan years ago. Owning a Nintey product was out of the question. Heck, it ius still out of the question, I have moved my loyalties on to Sony, who I didn't really like last generation dew to my love for xbox. I have planted myself firmly into the Sony camp now. I am such a gaming whore. LOL



michiganurse commented on Hulu Plus Arrives on Wii:

Netflix in combination with hulu plus is a great way to save a bundle off of satellite and cable tv. $16 bucks a month isn't too bad between the two and we have plenty on shows and movies to choose from.



michiganurse commented on Rumour: Japanese Developers Moving from Vita t...:

You guys are thinking of the two consoles as if this is some kind of team sport. This is business people! If either of the handhelds fame this could possibly mean the end of traditional handheld gaming except for the tacky phone or tablets games.Do we really want that? Hells no I hope. Let them both do well for the sake of handheld gaming, this isn't the old budweiser less filling taste great commercial. Can't we all just get along.......... Rodney King, 1994. I think.



michiganurse commented on Shinobi:

This shows my age but I remember playing this game for hours on the sega master system. well, the original anyway,



michiganurse commented on Talking Point: The Role of the N64 on the 3DS:

I haven't considered Nintendo a real gamers company for quite a few years now, unless you are really old of between five and twelve. Real gamers have learned long ago that if you want a real gaming experience to use a PC, XBOX 360 or PS3. Leave Nintendo to the nursing home warriors and the preschoolers.



michiganurse commented on First Impressions: Zen Pinball 3D:

I have it on the PS3 and sadly it collects dust. It was cool for a shot time then it just got plain boring really quick. I Cannot honestly recommend this can unless you are just nuts over pinball games.