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Fri 8th March, 2013

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ErnisDy commented on Bravely Default: For the Sequel To Serve as Te...:

@Spuratis Well turn based games are slower paced,so I assume they aren't as popular as action games in the west. Among my friends I'm the only one who likes turn based games. I can be like "You have to play XCOM, it's amazing! You have your squad, kill aliens, level up, build facilities etc." -"It sounds cool!" -"It is cool! It's turn based." -"LOL, you play turn-based games???" -"Yes, yes I do, they are amazing!" -"No they aren't! Turn-based for little kittens who can't handle an action." -"T_T NO, you are wrong! Don't make fun of me mom!" -"You sillyhead, play some call of duty and be a man!" -"But why mom, why you don't love me T_T" -"Because you are kitten!! You and your turn-based games — !"



ErnisDy commented on Preview: Beyblade Evolution:

@TheLilK98 Actually the original ones were small and made from metal, Just a few had them since they were expensive, but everyone had unoriginal ones, bigger and made from plastic, maybe you are talking about those?



ErnisDy commented on Over 200,000 Gamers Have Bought StreetPass Mii...:

@OldMan-Tech You can. Just change the date in your system settings, and you can get 10 coins more for walking.
But I would like to see new ways of getting coins. For example games could have all kinds of achievements, and for completing it you get coins to spend. Would be nice, but unfortunately nintendo is 10 years behind with online services and I don't think they will implement something like that :/



ErnisDy commented on Corecell Turns To Crowdfunding To Bring Aetern...:

@Kilroy @unrandomsam

First of all how the f you can import the game if 3DS is region locked?

And you guys are so wrong there. East market and West market are SO different. If it sells well in Asia, it doesn't mean it will sell in west, and that 30k is huge amount of money for small company to risk. They worked for 2(years) on this game, two years they had to pay salaries, they need to sell a doggiedododingleberry load just to get money back, and you want to risk their money? And you say if it sells in east, then they can localize it, but what if it doesn't sell in east? West doesn't have a chance to get game, and that it didn't performed well in East, doesn't mean it won't perform well in West. As I've said, the markets are too different. Look at Monster Hunter or Gears of War.

And you want this small company to risk their money and you think they should afford it.But look at huge amount of JAP only 3DS games which aren't localized even though they are published by big well known company's and they are really successful in JAP. Even games like dragon quest, which already have fanbase in West aren't published there, yet, you still want this small company with new IP to risk everything they have.



ErnisDy commented on Corecell Turns To Crowdfunding To Bring Aetern...:

@Kilroy so what you are saying, is that the profit they'll make on selling it in Asia, should be spent on localizing it to sell in EU and NA? What's the point of that? They can sell it only in Asia, and have all the profit without risking that money to go away after poor sales in EU and NA.



ErnisDy commented on Ouya Heralds Emulation By Tweeting Image of Su...:

Im against piracy of new games, where developers actually get money when you buy their game. Who losses money when you pirate an old game? No one, only reseller. If not emulators, I wouldn't have bought many new games, like Kingdom Hearts 3D, never played any game of the series, but 3D looked cool, I thought I should try KH1, KH2 before playing 3D, and guess why I was able to do that? Because of ps2 emulator. And tell me, where I can buy brand new ps2 games where my money would go to developer, not to reseller? Of course, there's virtual console on nintendo and I think you can download some older games on sony consoles, but that's kinda new thing, there isn't many games released now, nintendo online services sucks(give me f account, then I will buy something from you).



ErnisDy commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Third-Party 3DS Games - Su...:

Professor Layton is first party?
This top would be so different for me :D
I've just hated super street fighter, dead or alive dimensions was so much better.
Mighty Switch Force was lame game, like Pushmo, a lot of hype for stupid games(personal opinion, no need to hate)
Ghost Recon was good, but not top3.



ErnisDy commented on Wii U Version Of Ghost Recon Online Still On Hold:

@HugoSmits Actually you can see quite a difference in 30th level, because after reaching 30th level, you don't level up anymore. I've put into my assault a bit more than 200 hours, I have all the top equipment and I can buy inserts and grenades, and then, there's another 30lv assault, who reached that level recently, he played about 60 hours, he's still saving on that F2000 so he's isn't using grenades or inserts. You can see a big difference between us, even though we are same level.



ErnisDy commented on Senior EA Employee Caught Out Criticising Wii ...:

I agree with him. I love not my 3ds, I love the games on it. PSVita is so much better piece of hardware. I have Wii, while it has some nice games, it's absolutely destroyed by motion gimmick, started to play Pandora's Tower, and cmon, why the hell I have to shake the controller every time I want my chain back?



ErnisDy commented on Developer Interview: Goodbye Galaxy Games on D...:

He's is so talented person... programming from 9 years old... I've started when I was 14, programmed text based game for mobile browsers when I was 16, and actually it was quite popular. I've made some money and many people liked it. Right now Im 19 years old, studying programming(1st year). But Im so confused, I dont know how to actually start and finish something. I have many cool ideas in my head(at least I think they are cool), then I tell to myself "Ok Ernestas, you can do it, you have the understanding of how to program, now just learn to code video games, and make that awesome game you have been polishing in your head for two months now", and then I download a game engine, read some tutorials, and "oh @*#&/^! it".
I just find so borring all that stuff. Its fun to think of cool game on given hardware limitations, but actually programming it isnt. You have to spend more time on making menus, saves, collision and so on than on actuall game. I dont know what to do with my life and what should I try to achieve :/
Sorry for my english.



ErnisDy commented on Rex Rocket Could Come To Wii U And 3DS If Fund...:

@Usagi-san releasing a game to pc or android is so much cheaper than any console. Also there's a lot of people who don't have 3ds or wii u, and as game creators, they want as much people to be able to play as possible. What's the difference if they will release the game on other platforms too? For you, none. While others are grateful because they will be able to play it too.



ErnisDy commented on 3DS Market Share For Early 2013 Shows Growth i...:

One thing you forget about UK is that many sales comes from not UK itself. I'm Lithuanian and I buy all my games from UK, many people here do it the same. I think in some other European countries it's same as in Lithuania, our salaries are smaller, and games more expensive. Plus you can't even buy half of the games there.



ErnisDy commented on Miiverse Now Available In Your Browser:

@DrMonk, if the done it on HTML5, there are tools which could convert the project into app, and if it would be native, it would increase the performance. Plus they could add some nice functions like Notifications.
Also, it's good to have it on GooglePlay or any other app store, it could work as advertisement.