Topic: What's the best site for WiiWare/VC guides & cheats?

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Yes I know about gamefaqs & other big sites like Ign,Gamespot,& Gamewinners but most people at those sites are biased against the wii so most games on wiiware/vc have no cheats or guides listed D:
anyone know any good free sites out thier?


Unfortunately no. The best advice I can offer is asking on this site. They've got the best WiiWare/VC/DSiWare coverage around!

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strategywiki is pretty good for guides though it doesn't cover as many games as gamefaqs its still worth checking, wiiware stuff seems to be included amongst wii stuff.

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Interesting definition of bias going on there.

Anyway, for VC games Gamefaqs is without a doubt the best place to go. They'll be be written for the system the system it originally came out for.

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Rukiafan23 wrote:

& by cheats I mean button codes/tricks/easter eggs NOT Gameshark/Action Replay codes

None better than GameFAQs. So long as you avoid the forums, I don't see why it should be a problem.

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