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Did anyone else get sent gifts from TellTale Games in the form of episodes of Tales of Monkey Island for WiWare? Just now, I got episodes 4 and 5 for free. That's $20 saved. I'm just wondering what the occasion was. o.o

I guess they could have sent episodes of Strong Bad, but I had all them, so...


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I think I was supposed to get episode 3 for doing a survey, but I never received it. It looks like they did register my Wii code though, because they're bolded in my address book.


I'm in the same boat as iphys. Apparently, they only send the gifts to some not all. :S



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No, but I did recently get my free episode of "Back to the Future: The Game." I haven't tried it out yet, though.

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It's been some time since I seen you on the boards KaiserGX (probably the icon change through me off)

I too have been gifted the Tales of Monkey Island games.

I won the 2nd game in a contest
Was gifted the 3rd around Christmas
And was gifted the 4th and 5th recently

I also got the 1st game for the PC for free and Back to the Future also for the PC for free.

I'm also wondering what the occasion was for these latest games.

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I got the whole game series now right? I got these and some more episodes. This game is horrible. Thanks Telltale.

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Well, they contacted me by e-mail yesterday saying my Wii code was invalid, which is strange since they were registered as bold on mine. They said they would send me episodes 4 and 5, so at least it does sound like I'll get something eventually.


I originally got episode 2 on wiiware after filling out a survey, and later on got ep.3 on PC for free as well.
Any idea what I need to do in order to get ep.4-5 of TOMI?
(also got BTTF ep.1 for free and thoroughly enjoyed it! Nostalgia FTW!!)



There was a survey we did a while back that was supposed to be for episode 3, but it looks like they've been giving people episodes 4/5 instead. That survey is probably long gone by now.


I got episode 3 from a survey then I was gifted episode 4 and 5.

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