Topic: Rush Rush Rally Racing For NA Has Reappeared On The ESRB Website!

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I don't know if it's an error, but the game is listed again with a Q2 2013 release period! I hope this is truly coming here in North America since I was looking forward to this WiiWare title!

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As a big racing fan it's in my TOP 5 of WiiWare's best racing games.
The other four are #1 MotoHeroz , #2 Excitebike: World Challenge , #3 Art Style: light trax , #5 Driift Mania, imo.

Hope it's not a mistake on NoA's part.
I like how it's basically Micro Machines, but a very fast and smooth one, with lots of unlockables and secrets in singleplayer. Of course it's also great fun in 2~4 multiplayer.

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I'll buy it the instant it goes up. I like what I've seen of the European version.



Technically, Descent for WiiWare has yet to be cancelled, but who knows what's going on with Interplay, as they haven't provided updates on anything (including their website) in over six months.

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