Topic: Eternity's Child: Overhaul or just plain over?

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The say that the entire world can be broken down into two types of people and their preferences. Addam's Family or Munsters? Deep Impact or Armageddon? Deep dish or thin crust?

So now we're going to find out what types of Eternity's Child fans we have here. Do you (A) Believe Alten8 felt that the game was so horrible that they had to rework the entire game from scratch, or (B) Believe Alten8 decided it was so far gone that there was no fixing it and scrapped the entire project?

Although I tossed and turned over this one, I'm going to stick with my original thoughts and go with choice (A), although my gut has been telling me lately that choice (B) is looking more and more likely. : )

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i've been wondering this myself. though i have gave up on waiting for it. if it comes great but at this point i doubt it will ever be released. by the way i'm a munsters kinda of guy and thin crust rules !!!!!

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I'm a Munsters guy myself and thin crust does rule! Oh and I prefer Armageddon as well.

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Almost certainly B. Reviews for the PC version (Which has been out for a while) weren't exactly positive

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I'm with Drake. Albeit I wasn't really too excited about EC to begin with.



I have mild hope the Wiiware version MIGHT be good.

So little hope however.... so little....

Oh and thin crust and Armageddon!



I am hoping for A

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I'd be reluctant to play the WiiWare version without reading some reviews, but I AM hoping for it to come out. And be very, very good.

Also, deep dish ftw!




I think that they would have shown something by now if they hadn't dropped it.

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I'm hoping for (A). The game was getting awards for its great music the last time I checked it. I would find it odd for an already award-winning game to go by the wayside.

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Addam's Family. Deep Impact. Deep dish. And...
...Eternity's Child? Dang it, I was doing so good with this quiz, but I don't know the answer to the last question.

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Deep Impact and Armageddon are two of the worst movies ever made. With that said though, I am still hoping EC comes out one day on Wiiware. Wouldn't Luc know if it's still coming, or is it entirely out of his hands now?



Maybe this is something to ask Alten 8. And if they do not respond it's surely (B).



Luc has said it's up to Alten8 now and they're not talking. And I like Deep Impact and Armageddon.

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