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NintendoPete wrote:

That's true, but still I don't think that 15sec are that much.

Anything over 5 seconds is too much for a platformer. Hell, >1 second is ideal, but /we can't all have nice things/

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No we can't of course it would be better if the loading times were shorter - but I just don't care



Was there supposed to be a 3DS release of this game?



NinChocolate wrote:

Was there supposed to be a 3DS release of this game?

There was supposed to be one (along with a vita version), but, given the leg breaking reception this pizza got, those versions of the game might've been cancelled.


SheldonRandoms wrote:

That last stretch goal should have been a big thank you, all of the stretch goals have been reached, the game is already going to be good, but now it's going to be even better than before.

SheldonRandoms wrote:

Ryno wrote:

Looking foward to challenging all of you to finally detetmine Mega Ma..., I mean Mighty No. 9 supremacy (as long as you get the Wii U version)!

And that's the version i'm getting (along with the 3DS version)

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