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I feel that the pro controller fits most needs for VC.... except for N64. Mario Kart 64 isn't the same without this controller for one thing. Pro Controller isn't all that expensive either , so would you guys purchase an N64 style pro controller if you were heavy into the VC? I would for sure. I certainly don't think this would happen, but... just a thought. It would look sick in white and black too.



I would if it had compatibility with the modern games, unlike the SNES Wii controller. That's the one reason I'm not getting it and I never will which is a shame. So yeah, if so then I'll get it. I'll also get a Gamecube-styled controller

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I had no issue at all using the classic controller for N64 games.

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I feel as if the N64 controller may have made Sin & Punishment less painful...Maybe the Gamepad will fix that. GC controller+S&P=major cramp.



It would be cool and I definitely would buy one, but it isn't too needed in my opinion.

I haven't tried every game but I have tried the ones that are considered more annoying without an N64 controller, one of them being OOT because of an analog instead of the buttons. I have no problem at all playing the ocarina and like it better with analog really. It would be nice if we had a choice for a traditional feeling controller for those games though.

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Gamecube controller > N64 controller. The design on the 64's controller was terrible

Besides, there aren't that many N64 games anyway

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There's a reason why they aren't bringing it back. Unless they fix the joystick, and make it compatible with every VC game, I don't even want one. The classic controller is really the best controller you can have for any game IMO. People already complain about getting 4 Wii remotes, nunchucks, and classic controllers, so there's no way they're gonna throw N64 VC controllers into the mix...


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That is one reason I am still debating on transferring my VC games over from my Wii to my Wii U. I find that the Wavebird controllers are the best around for N64 VC games. Now if some one made something like that or an N64 type of controller than yeah I might look into that.

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Does anyone know if the classic controller pro and the wii u controller pro are interchangable? I mean for wii games can you use the wii u controller or can you use the class controller with wii u games, knowing it has to be hooked up to the wii-mote?

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No you can not use any Wii U controllers in Wii mode only Wii controllers.

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Am I the only one that thinks the Wii U controller would be fine for N64 games?

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I don't get why it wouldn't be okay for N64.


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no c buttons, completly different layout. it would work but no better than any bog standard controller.

put it on.


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