Topic: Will Nintendo ever let us communicate with random people online?

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warioswoods wrote:

Just wait until said 12 year old decides to draw previously mentioned anatomy.

Pfft, if they really want to be clever, they'll find a way to arrange force gems or Dr. Mario pills into the aforementioned illicit shapes. No need to make it easy on them.

Never thought of that... I think I'll try it.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


Chatham wrote:

Nintendo is gonna stick with the FCs for awhile... Unless they start a premium pay-service like XBL.

I'm with Chatham on this one.

It's free, and it shows. Nintendo seems satisfied with their non-interactive, closed space, you're-not-sure-if-you're-playing-with-someone online. The only people it annoys is us, and they don't care. Just as long as the parents have no clue about parental-freaking-control, we're stuck this way.



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