Topic: Where do you buy your games from?

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amazon is my first priority. Secondary store: Target/BestBuy/GameStop

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If you're in the UK use this site as it finds the cheapest on-line price.

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amazon as there is no shop in my quiet little village that sells games

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I look for whatever place is selling the game I want for the lowest price and buy it from there.

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Since this is for the Wii, ebay and amazon for online, bestbuy, toysrus, gamestop for retail if they have a good sale.

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Online: Amazon, Ebay or Xseed's store. Retail: Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop only a couple of times.

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Amazon, Nintendo eShop, Game Express (local store), Gamestop (local store / unfortunately, but it's convenient).

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Xbox games = online cuz I can always find great deals online.
Nintendo games = Gamestop cuz Nintendo games don't drop in price, it's harder to find online deals and it's just faster to pick it up at the store.

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I only have to walk 5 minutes to get to my closest gaming store (I'm lucky!) so I get all my Wii titles from there. They have a huge variety of used games for a relatively cheap price:)



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