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I don't like the name....
I would call it Super smash bros. All-Stars, or
Super smash bros. Champions
Super smash bros. 4
Super smash bros. Famliy
Super smash bros. Galaxy
Super smash bros. War
Super smash bros. vs Every Thing
Super smash Sister.

I'm out of ideas

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StarFox wrote:

@Cheetahman: Geno only appeared in Super Mario RPG. He's not going to get in. Also, Bonk is a TG16 character, and Nintendo's only just now experimenting with other systems.

One can dream.

@Adam: Agreed, a new Joy Mech Fight game would be great. Heck, I'd be a happy camper if they put the original on the VC.

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I would love some Castlevania fighters in the next game.
Wait, Super Smash Bros "Chaos?"
Gee, that's a depressing name....
I like "Super Smash Bros. Tumble"
or "Rumble"
or......oh whatever

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Drop Lucario?! He`s my best fighter!

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, would you kindly?


Nah, I've got hammer throwers guarding all entrances and Fox and his team as sentries.

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SSE has it's faults, but it's still a lot better than Adventure Mode in Melee. There should still be some kind of adventure mode in the next game to keep a strong single player value, just not as repetative as SSE.

Other than that, the priorities for the next game should be to greatly improve online play (greatly reduce lag, more options for random matches), improve graphics up to the level of the next Nintendo console that it will be on, increase gravity back closer to Melee's level, and the expected new characters (can we have Mewtwo back while keeping Lucario?), stages (hopefully not as many chaotic and/or gimmicky ones as in Brawl), and Assist Trophies / Pokéballs.

By the way, I think the name should be either Super Smash Bros. Clash, Super Smash Bros. Rumble, or Super Smsh Bros. Battle Royale.

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Super Smash Bros. Skirmish!
Mega Man (Capcom - Mega Man)
Master Higgins (Hudson Soft - Adventure Island). Or Bomberman. Or Jazeta!
Midna (Nintendo - Twilight Princess)
Give Mario the Cloud Flower (up-B) and Rock Mushroom (down-B).

There needs to be a Hudson character - they made 10 Mario Party games, so it's about time they are included in the SSB series.

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Dude, every one of your suggestions adds absolutly nothing to the game, apart from two new characters.


Demote Jigglypuff! there is no Smash Bros without Jigglypuff!


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