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Topic: Playing GameCube games wireless?

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Okay I have a Japanese Wii and I'm getting a second GameCube game for it (Godzilla: Great Monster Fray aka Destroy All Monsters: Melee) to sit alongside my treasured Mr. Driller Drill Land. I used to have a couple of GameCube controllers: an original purple one and the newer white one with the extra long cable Nintendo released alongside the Wii, but I felt like I was collecting controllers for one game and it didn't seem worth it so I got a couple of CC-GameCube adapters and ran them through GC controller extension cords.

Now I'm wondering if there's a wireless solution other than the Wavebird/Wavebird imitators. Wavebird controllers on Amazon have come down in price since the Wii days, but I'd prefer something I can plug a CC Pro into with a corresponding receiver that plugs into the Wii. Anyone know of such a thing?

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Nope, you can only play GC games with a wired GC controller or with a Wavebird, I don't think there is another quick or easy way.

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