Topic: Is the Wii dead now?

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According to metacritic the last game released was on 19th december and I cant see any upcoming games for wii, even if they are shovelware.

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There may be a movie game or two ocassionally as well as other shovelware, and maybe the next Just Dance game depending on how this year's sells, but honestly I think its safe to say that the Wii's library has been dead for a very, VERY long time now in terms of games that are actually good.

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And does anybody knows what happened with Rodea and sky soldier?



spoty wrote:

And does anybody knows what happened with Rodea and sky soldier?

Back in July they said it was only 70% done, it may have been delayed due it being scarpped for the Wii and instead coming to Wii U.

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Yeah, I don't think there was anything noteworthy released even in 2013, other than Pandora's Tower.
Anyway, here are two:

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As far as I'm concerned it's dead.

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Urr.. ambiguous thread titles..



TwoTheNines wrote:

Urr.. ambiguous thread titles..

Indeed. As for the original question, yes.

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There hasn't been a brand new game on Wii that interest me since Epic Mickey 2, seems like a long time ago now.

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...the Wii died when Nintendo cut its first-party support - i.e. when the Wii U came out.
...which is weird, 'cause with handhelds at least, the previous console usually gets a few more games before it gets phased out... we had a few Pokémon games and Kirby Mass Attack on the DS after the 3DS had come out...

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Bulbousaur wrote:

I think its safe to say that the Wii's library has been dead for a very, VERY long time now in terms of games that are actually good.

Ain't it the truth? My Wii would gather dust if it weren't for the odd title I collect from earlier in its life cycle.

But I'm just glad I picked up the 3DS.

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Pretty sure it died after Pandora's Tower came out.

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Nope, not for me. I don't use the disk drive, because, everything my brother touches turns to dust (DSi XL, DSi, 2 WiiMotes, many Wii games, ect.). I use the Wii for a mini N64, SNES, and NES. You can't ever get bored with Ocarina of Time! A console is never dead unless you want it to be. (BTW, I didn't finish the whole game, but I did a any% speedrun on OoT and was by the Water Temple by 5 hours. Of course, that's where I stopped.)
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The Wii lives on...inside my Wii U



The Wii is pretty much dead, but the fun isn't. No one ever said you aren't allowed to experience some of the Wii's past masterpieces! The Wii has tons of awesome games, and it's never too late to experience all they have to offer.

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Not in our hearts XD

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