Topic: Is the Wii dead now?

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It's been dead for nearly 3 years. Skyward Sword is the last game that was any good that came to the wii and that was in 2011.

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I know what retro gaming is. I used to collect games for all of the Nintendo systems, but there was a point where I thought there was no longer a need to have a shelf full of games, so I sold them. It's just alot easier to play older games through BC, if you can.

I have a PS3 slim, but missed out on PS2 almost entirely. I don't see any reason to go back, unless I would have had BC as an option, which the newer PS3s doesn't have anymore. If I beat games multiple times and know about everything the gane has to offer, I don't see any reason to play it anymore. Then there are better/newer versions of games in a series. Tekken, for example. Even though that gane dates back to the PS1 days, there's not any real reason to play it over the newest game. I feel the same about Smash Bros. I will never be able to play older video games that I have "mastered" and be able to get as much enjoyment from it, anymore, because there's only so much you can learn from the games.

Good for you then. I'm not being sarcastic, BTW. It's just my opinion that some things get old and there's no reason to play them, anymore. I don't find any satisfaction from having a shelf full of older games anymore. If I really want to replay an old game, I'll buy it on VC, if it's available. The games sound and look better on VC, IMO, anyway. Not to mention that people are asking $100+ for $8 games.

I even think Xenoblade being the price it is, is ridiculous. I'm not a collector, so I'm not going to pay collector prices.


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2Sang wrote:

It's been dead for nearly 3 years.

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2Sang wrote:

It's been dead for nearly 3 years. Skyward Sword is the last game that was any good that came to the wii and that was in 2011.

But didn't The Last Story and Pandora's Tower come out in 2012?

Pandora's Tower was my last hurrah in terms of new releases on the Wii but I got a heck of a backlog. Hope to finish Skyward Sword before the end of April and then I should get down to tackling The Last Story.

In terms of new releases, I suspect there will be little for the Wii as Nintendo is putting its weight behind the Wii U (or so it should be), yet I think the Wii has plenty of hidden gems many of which can be grabbed cheaply.

Plus the phenomenal Xenoblade Chronicles can now be picked up for C$70 new now over at VGP so as good a time as any if you're a JRPG fan.



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