Topic: Did/will you trade in your DS Lite to take $70.00 off your DSi?

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I Didn't trade in my DS Lite in order to lower the price of my DSi. I bought it for the full price of $170.00. But that's me. I'm curious, i want to know who traded in their DS Lite and who didn't and why.

P.S. One good reason is that my 8GB hack card (Edge) isn't DSi compatible. Another good reason is to transfer pokemon via pal park (DSi has no GBA Slot) and to play my Guitar Hero DS games.

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Just noticed i posted this thread in the Wii section.. Sorry about that.. Carry on.

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No, kept my DS Lite for backward compatibility. Probably won't get a DSi for at least another year.



my husband and I both did the trade-in thing. we didn't have many GBA games anyway, i can barely stand Guitar Hero on the Wii by myself (it's much more fun to play with friends IMO), and Pokemon hasn't been attractive as a game to me since the days of Blue/Red/Yellow (though Heart Gold and Soul Silver are interesting and I may pick one of those up when they're released stateside). :3

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I sold my Lite on Ebay instead of trading in, slightly higher return, but yes.

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Yeah I did. My wife had a Pink DS and we traded it up to DSi. I kept my DS Lite. I also have a GBA and a Micro so I can still play my GBA's and some of my import DS games require the GBA slot so I still gots to have my Lite. Oh and my copies of pirated games I got screwed on ebay don't play in the DSi.

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I traded mine and got £75 for it. I didn't think about the pal park thing though... Maybe they'll remedy this by releasing the older games on DSi VC if they ever do one.

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The DSi doesn't have backwards compatibilaty? That sucks.

I don't have a DSi yet, and don't really care until the DSiVC is out. And even when I get one, I won't be using my Limited Edition Zelda DS to lower the price

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I did and I'm glad that I did it. Beside, my two GBA games didn't really intrest me. Luckily, I can still play my DS game, so it was little to lose, and what I lost wasn't worth much.


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i almost took the offer, but i kept my DS Lite and got the DSi at full price


I gave my DS to my mother because that was half the reason I was buying a DSi.

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I did that when the DSi came out, but I did mine at GameCrazy which was give $20 more than GameStop so I got $90 total.

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