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Super_Smashed wrote:

Im on the second boss where you use the boomerang to hit the vines above the boss. Im using the right stick to aim the boomerang but it doesnt feel natural. Is there an easier way?

You should be able to turn on motion controls in the options menu. It works pretty well in my opinion, it's quicker than the analog stick.

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brewsky wrote:

Ryno wrote:

Random question time. So, the only modern Zelda games I have played since Link's Awakening are Wind Waker HD and Skyward Sword and I noticed that they used the same "file select" music and "inside a building" music. Is this also the same music that plays in these segments in the other Zelda games or is it just a coincidence that these two games use the same?

Not a coincidence. The file select has been used for every game since Link to the Past (right?) and the indoors music has been used quite a bit since Ocarina of Time.




I bought this game months ago and just started playing it now. I was a huge fan of Legend of Zelda for SNES and the gameboy games but if this is any indication of what 3D Zelda games are like, I'm not a fan. The controls are stiff and awkward, I dislike the battle system, and the first dungeon was just a pain. Being spotted by an enemy simply gets you thrown in a dungeon and you have to start all over.

Just not the game for me. I guess I just don't understand it. A Link Between Worlds is great and so was Link's Awakening but I never played Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask so I guess I just never got into these types of 3D Zelda games.

I loved the

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Only casuals rage quit because of Zelda openings. They build up to the more interesting parts of the game. If you can't stand the first 'dungeon,' then just add patience. It'll do ye good.

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I wouldn't say I rage quit. The game didn't make me mad. I just don't get enjoyment out of it. Like Meowth said, the 2D Zelda games are just what I prefer. I mean, I never played any 3D Zelda game other than Wind Waker so I can't really say that fairly but it's not a game I can see myself getting invested to. I don't connect with the art style at all. I prefer the more adult-like link and realistic graphics I guess. Toon Link is cute, I'll give him that and I don't mind him in Smash Bros.



The 2D Zeldas are what you prefer,

you've never played any 3D Zelda other than the Wind Waker,

and you've only played through the Forsaken Fortress (which is not an actual dungeon by the way).

See the problem with this picture?

If you prefer realistic graphics you should probably start with Ocarina (hell, you should probably start with Ocarina regardless), but you can't judge a game by the first hour.

Okay, you can judge an open world game by the first hour, but the Wind Waker doesn't even become properly open world until well after you meet Makar (and you don't even know who that is!).

Anyway, the Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are probably the least interesting 3D Zeldas story-wise, just FYI.

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@Rexcalibr: I just finished my first playthrough of WWHD the other night. I've been playing it in pieces for the last 18 months. I've spent 80 hours doing so (though a few of them are probably in idle), and tried to avoid resorting to a walkthrough, which I managed most of the time.

I think it's a game I'll enjoy playing through more the second time (if that ever happens) now I know how it all works and which are the important bits and which are the diversions.

I haven't yet played a 2D Zelda so can't make the comparison, but it felt very light on story. Most of the time you bimbles about with very little to remind you of the quest you're meant to be on and what's been said so far. The cutscenes are used fairly sparsely and you can't replay them, so I did find myself feeling quite disconnected from the story most of the time.

It's that disconnection, and the occasional obscurity, that limits my appreciation of the game, but both of those will be less prominent on a second playthrough.

It's the first Zelda game I've played more than 50% of. It hasn't put me off my quest to finish all of the main series games, but it has drawn my attention to potential shortcomings. I know what you mean about not actually enjoying the experience, but adventure is there to be endured after all...

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@Rexcalibr: Forsaken Fortress isn't the first dungeon, and it's the only place that requires some stealth. Hide in a barrel and don't move when they're near. Give the game a little more time, because it hasn't even started yet. I'd argue that the real game starts after the Forsaken Fortress.



I will say that, of the 3D Zeldas, Wind Waker is my least favorite (although I've never played Majora's Mask). I love the art style, but I don't care for the sailing aspect. That said, I still loved the game, and I'd play through it again if I had the spare time (and I wasn't knee-deep in TP HD). Give it another shot. The game changes radically for the better when you get your sword back (if I remember right, you lose your sword at the Forsaken Fortress at the beginning).


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Chandlero wrote:

This week the Nintendo select version is coming to Europe. I have seen the retail price is 25 EUR which is a very good deal. Does anybody know how much the digital version will cost?

It'll be the same as the RRP of the select version.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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I am in the Forbidden Woods am I can't find a way across this chasm. There is a moving platform on the other side and it is too high to float to with the leaf. Am I supposed to find a switch to bring the platform to me?



@aicarrie1 To your left (or right?) is a switch. It looks like a weird seed with 4 leaves, activate it by blowing wind on it.



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