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Topic: Will retail eShop games see discounts?

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I know we've seen 3 discount offers so far, but all of them are digital only and from smaller companies. Every so often I find stores (online like Amazon too) doing sales of physical retail Wii U games, but I have yet to see any short-term sales on such digitalized versions of those games on the eShop. I know it's only been a month since the system released, but if retail stores are doing it, why not the eShop? I'm not expecting Steam-like discounts, but I simply can't see any reason to go digital when digital on the Wii U costs just as much or even more than going with physical copies.

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It would certainly encourage me to buy more retail releases. I'm pretty well committed to download-only, but in practice this will just end up meaning purchasing less retail games and more downloads. I'm hopeful we'll see more retail downloads in Europe too as I see a few titles available in North America which aren't in the eShop here like Batman which I'd defintely like to pick up.

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