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It was working fine yesterday and has never done this. My gamepad is showing everything, HDMI is plugged into the tv and wii u, power block in and in Wii U. I looked it up other places and it says to change your resolution from your gamepad, and it said it unable to change resolution. Help????

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Maybe something happened to your TV or the wires???

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Blast wrote:

Maybe something happened to your TV or the wires???

I was just playing on my SNES (AV) and my Xbox 360 (HDMI) so my tv isn't broken. And what couldve happened to the wires?

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I'm usually on 1080P but it has me stuck on 480 even though both HDMI are plugged in. Wont let me change

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Nope. I was literally just on HDMI 1080P on my 360. Minutes before i decided to play my Wii U.

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Did you already try another HDMI port?
Maybe that could solve the problem.
You could also try to restore the factory settings on your TV.

This is a trial and error situation. It could be anything. And some weird solution could help.
If really nothing helps, your Wii U might be broken. =/



I have had a similar problem when the HDMI cord wasn't fully plugged in

It felt fully plugged in but it needed to go in a little more

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mine did this a few days ago unplug all cables from wii u leave for about 20mins and then plug it all back in and it should work (also unplug the hdmi from the tv)


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Unplug the HDMI cord, then change it to Standard Definition. Plug in the HDMI back, and then change it back to 1080p. If this doesn't work try the other ideas on the thread.
EDIT: I don't even think you need to unplug the cord, but then I THINK you do have to remove the cord.

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I have found on my Samsung every now and then the hdmi socket gets "lost" and I have to power TV off for 30 mins after that back on and the hdmi works again.

Not always happen just every now and then.

PS - by power off I mean off and unplug not on stand by !

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