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Full details for those interested:

Nintendo Land

  • “…Luigi’s Haunted Mansion, Animal Crossing Sweet Day and Mario Chase offer up some of the most innovative, raucous and party-fueling fun we’ve ever had with a console”
  • Plaza is filled with all things Nintendo
  • There’s menu music for each attraction that bleeps out in NES chimes
  • Monita, the floating computer, guides you around the park’s features
  • Spend winnings on pachinko-esque coin game
  • Win a jukebox, day/night cycle button, and more
  • Miis from your console and other consoles through the Internet
  • Attraction mode: set up a Nintendo Land party; choose a time limit and player count and then head to a points-based tournament of mini-games
  • Multiplayer games are fun, but GamesMaster says the single-player ones are sometimes forgettable
  • A few games highlight “some seemingly inherent problems”
  • Ex: Takamaru’s Ninja Challenge – “constant screen misalignment”
  • GamesMaster says GamePad/TV crossover usually works best when done in tandem
  • “As a discerning gamer, you may not find all that Nintendo Land has to offer to your liking, but should you fork out for a Wii U, you owe it to your family, to your friends and to everyone else you know, to bag a copy of this to go with it.”
  • Graphics: 90%
  • Gameplay: 86%
  • Accessibility: 95%
  • Lifespan: 82%
  • Innovation: 92%
  • Overall: 86%
  • “An essential purchase for party lovers that whets the Nintendo appetite. Bring friends.”

New Super Mario Bros. U

  • May look the same, but there are some “incredible tweaks”
  • GamesMaster feels it’s easier than NSMB Wii
  • Took under seven hours to complete
  • More to the game outside of the main campaign
  • Most of the innovation is saved for the final levels
  • “Without wishing to spoil anything, we were surprised, excited, and twinkly-eyed during an excellent finale. It’s almost as if Nintendo suddenly realised that they were in fact working with a Wii U, with a game-changing GamePad and everything.”
  • Hopes Nintendo will “build on this solid, if not mind-blowing, foundation.”
  • Graphics: 82%
  • Gameplay: 85%
  • Accessibility: 90%
  • Lifespan: 80%
  • Innovation: 75%
  • Overall: 82%
  • “A great excuse for families to gather round the TV, and an enticing glimpse of Mario’s HD future.”

Great scores, surprised by NintendoLand. I fin'd it a bit disappointing that they didn't mention any of the Miiverse capabilities though.

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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