Topic: What Wii U Needs to Do in Order to be Successful

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Good, I was kinda worried there for a moment. Now we just need more amazing downloadables on the Wii U and we're good and I hope their online service doesn't die the way NOA let the Wiishop die.

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1) invest in software
a) exclusive 2º/3ª party games like Rayman, Project P 100, ZombiU
b) cool creative apps, like colors3D, Rhythmic, inchworm animation, flipnotestudio...
c) apps like youtube, good browser...

2) low price, as low as possible so they can sell lots of software
a) given the HW the same or little more than a basic 360)
b) good promos on the eShop (like steam) would be very good

3) up the specs a little (even if it is a little pricier)
a) multi-touch
b) USB 3
c) batery life
d ) somewhat better CPU/RAM/GPU

4) Bundle a remote+nunchaku (multiplayer out of the box)

5) no stupid stuf like 30m to post things online

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More non-serious non-party launch titles... The only ones I can think of that interest me are Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3, and those might not even be out on Day 1. Why? Because I'm 13, so I can't play the former, and the latter pretty much always bores me...

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