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What Nintendo Life gamers like to talk about more or less reflects Nintendo's core audience - young prepubescent teenagers to casual gamers. Games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3, Injustice: Gods Among Us & Game & Wario garnered more talk than Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, etc. Will this core audience continue to be Nintendo's core audience as the Wii U gets more matured as a game console? Should we count on Nintendo to bring more hardcore games to the Wii U?


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Very cute. Let's not with the social statements, please, we can all see on the forums what we're all talking about and we don't need yet another discussion regarding the 'core' versus 'casual' audiences.

By the way, if the number of pages is any indication, we may as well shut this place down entirely and open it up solely to users who enjoy trading 3DS Friend Codes.

future of NL >:3
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