Topic: what games do you see making the wii U launch?

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Scicri wrote:

turtlelink wrote:

Wii U Sports

Remember everyone, he called it 70,000th.

fixed, they showed it at E3 anyway (although I wouldn't be too surprised if the baseball Wii Sports game is just part of a bundle with the E3 tech demos)

Only games I see likely being on Wii U at launch other than Wii Sports stuff, Darksiders 2, another game from other next gen consoles, Pilotwings Wii U replacing the Wii one (see: Paper Mario, Super and Barrel Blast, Donkey Kong) and Tekken.

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Nin-pal wrote:

How about an HD remake of 1&2

I think I'll pass.

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Right now the only thing I'm asking for is:
-A Metroid game similar to the Prime Trilogy
-Super Smash Bros 4
-A return to Beetle Adventure Racing (without making it stupid)

These don't have to be released right away, just within a 6 month period after console release.

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