Topic: What games are you getting with your Wii U?

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Getting the premium black wii u pack here so will get nintendoland bundled in, can't wait to check out the metroid and zelda attractions specifically and getting new super mario bros u for definite.

Was going to get Rayman legends but noticed it was put back (which is cool if it's been held back to get it super polished lol), so that may be it to start, although am heavily tempted with Zombi u



Erica_Hartmann wrote:

...Sheesh, no one mentioned Little Inferno huh? Is this game a launch title?

Well you can't get it with (in other words, at the same time) as a Wii U. Because it's online. But yeah that could easily be the best launch window title.

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Persuaded myself to get the ZombiU Pack... the fact that I get the pro controller and ZombiU With it which I will play more than Nintendoland.

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NSMBU, AC3, ZombiU, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, maybe Sonic Racing Transformed.



Nintendo land
pikmn 3(whenever it comes out)
and toki tori 2
and maybe little inferno( need to see real gameplay first)

just a nintedo fan. who happens to own a wii u.


I made the decision to get Assassin's Creed III as my first Wii U game. Other games will come later down the line. My first games (out of the ones already announced) will be NSMBU, Zombi U, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Batman Arkham City, Lego City Undercover, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Mass Effect 3. Exactly when I get them depends on funds...

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Just put down a reserve for Sonic Racing Transformed as well!

Do I even play?
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None! Just Nintendoland that comes with it!



ZombiU and the included Nintendoland game. All the multi-platform games I'll be purchasing for my Xbox if I'm interested in them (AC3 for example).



ill be getting nintendoland and call of duty black ops 2 when I get my one

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On day one i will only be getting nintendoland (Deluxe) and ZombiU (for myself when everyone leaves and its just me and my WiiU)
the games il be getting day one for launch window are
Monster hunter 3-never played it but looks impressive
toki tori 2-loved the first
Runner 2-loved the bit trip collection for wii
Pikmin 3-been a fan since the 1st one but always just rented the games looks like il buy this one
im still depending on getting
ACIII- looks cool but i didn't really like the orginal one too much when i got it on the 360
Scribblenauts- i LOVE puzzle games the scribblenauts are more simple then most puzzle games like portal but i might be getting it for the fact that peach is in it <3
Tekken Tag2- really love fighting games matters if the online is good in this
Injustice-same as tekken but looking forward to tekken just a tad more
new super mario bros U- not fond of the 2d style compared to mario 64 and galaxies
Mass effect 3- but i really thought the first one was good 2nd ME i thought was too mediocre to finish
Aliens- theres a strong chance of me getting this but it depends on reviews but its from gear box so i doubt it will be bad )



SMBWiiU and maybe TTT2. Money permitting




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Nintendo Land and probably New Super Mario Bros. U.

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Man WiiU don't even got any games...

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Man WiiU don't even got any games...

Name one?

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