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nickcarney wrote:

The world is fully destructible and it looks like its running at 60 FPS. With so many things on screen, it's actually pretty impressive. I do hope it's a downloadable title, probably will get it day 1 if it's cheap enough.

Screw that, this looks more fun than 90% of the games I've ever played. Have a decent campaign and some clever minigames and I'd pay the 60 bucks no problems.

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L4DYK0M1C wrote:

Reminds me of those few frantic games on Gamecube. Looks really fun. It also kinda reminds me of Twisted Metal where you're blowing things (well, other cars) up.

Me gusta.


Between this pikmin and p-100 wii u looks like gamecube hd.


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Did anyone else have a glimmer of hope that this was a sequel to Wii Play's Tanks! the moment it was revealed?

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looks like a fun game i can't wait to test out the kong mode that let's the player be the boss lol.



I LOVE THIS GAMEE!!! I played it in the Arcade today! It was so much fun! There was a single player mode where you kill giant dragons, spiders, robots, moving buildings. There was also a multiplayer mode where you play team or erveryone vs everyone. There is multiple weapons, Rockets, multi Rockets, gatling gun etc. I'm 100% getting this for Wii U! Its amazing! My favorite arcade game EVAAAAR!!!

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