Topic: Response to the article saying Wii U spiked on Amazon after Xbox One announced

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I am responding to the article:

The author of this article is trying to imply that the Xbox One reveal helped the Wii U a lot and that it somehow was really bad for Microsoft.

The truth is:

  • The Wii U is the 48th most wanted item in video games on Amazon.
  • Xbox One is the #1 wanted item in video games in USA and Europe.

"Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One home entertainment system ranked as the top ‘Most Wished For’ product at Inc. post reveal of the hardware. (, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tech, Xbox One, Xbox One)"


Direct links to the most wanted items in Video games on Amazon:



Xbox One is the most wanted item in both places.


Also Links to Top MOVERS & Shakers on Amazon:


Europe -

This shows:

  • PS3 and Xbox 360 Games dominate the Top 20 movers & shakers
  • Wii U is not even in the top 20 in USA and has only 1 game in the top 20 in Europe.

    The article is pretty much what you call false propaganda trying to get people to believe something that is untrue. Wii U is not selling a significant amount more now due to Xbox Ones announcement and is not wanted more than the PS3, Xbox 360 or Xbox One at all on Amazon.

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