Wii U

It’s no secret that the Xbox One reveal did not go as smoothly as Microsoft might have hoped. For some, the idea of buying a giant Betamax-styled brick that blocks used games and requires the Kinect camera to function was a big turn-off — even if it does make changing the TV channel a fraction of a second quicker. Even dog-based shooters failed to win the crowds over, and to top it all off there is no backwards compatibility whatsoever either.

Nintendo might well have been feeling a little nervous before the Xbox announcement, but it would seem that consumers are voting with their feet and suddenly buying the Wii U in droves if Amazon UK’s movers and shakers list is a reliable barometer.

A big mover and shaker on Amazon UK

At the time of writing we’re seeing an increase of 386% as the sales rank of the Wii U Premium Pack skyrockets on Amazon from #243 to #50. With Nintendo’s E3 Wii U Nintendo Direct only weeks away, we should see interest continue to rise as it’s upcoming games are revealed. Some armchair analysts may have written off Nintendo’s home console, but it would seem that the race is far from over.

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