Topic: Question about Wii U Harddrives.

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I'm thinking of getting a Wii U this holiday season alongside a probable 3DS X, an I was wondering is the Wii U like the Wii where everything is tied to the system its saved on. So If I bought a HDD for the WIi U a month afterward would I be able to transfer my purchases and saves to the HDD.


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Yes, you can transfer your data from the Wii U's hard drive to an external hard drive you'll have formatted on the Wii U for the Wii U.

From experience, whether the game is on the Wii U hard drive or on your external hard drive doesn't hinder performance. I have recently just realized most of my download games were on my external hard drive and I thought they were on the Wii U's HDD.


You can transfer data from the Wii U to the ext. HDD no problem.
The account is tied to your NNID now, not the hardware anymore. They just haven't put any purchase transferring, etc. into effect yet.



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