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Ya. It's best to just go with the Wii Remote Plus controllers. Alot of games need it to play, including Nintendo Land, if you you want to play all the attractions. Metroid Blast, and Zelda on Nintendo Land need it. I gave in, and traded in my Wii remotes with motion plus attachments for some new ones. Gamestop is kind of a rip off, giving me $19 about for 2 Wii remotes($4), and 2 motion plus($4.50), with my powerup rewards plus card. No one wants the motion plusless remotes anymore, and will go for it built in ocer buying used. I got more for the actual attachment. I just took the hit, and bought 4 new ones of each color. I don't think I'll have to replace my remotes for a LONG time now...


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So basically, while not all games require Motion+, it'd be best to get new controllers with it anyway. I need to replace the old ones as it is I guess...

Yeah I am in the same boat as you. Honestly if if wasn't for my gold Zelda wiimote I wouldn't have motion plus at all. My advice is trade in those Wiimotes for ones with motion plus.

You can do that? Just trade in regular Miimotes for Motion+ ones? Where would you be able to do that?

Well not an exact trade you can trade them in towards the price of a new wiimote+. As some have said you probably wont get much cause people dont want the non motion+ wiimotes but its better than nothing and what else are you going to do with those wiimotes? Might as well trade them in.

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Thanks everyone! I'll be trying to get a Wii U by the time E3 is over with. "CoughASlightPriceDropWouldHelpCough"

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